Glamping near Pittsburgh

Everything you need to know about glamping near Pittsburgh

By Carly Luitgaarden | August 3, 2022

The great outdoors with a bed and a hot shower, just 2 hours from Pittsburgh. Where to go glamping near Pittsburgh.

documentaries about Pittsburgh

9 documentaries about Pittsburgh history

By Brian Conway | April 13, 2022

From punk music in the ‘80s to a documentary about the polio vaccine, there is a lot of local history to watch

The best made in Pittsburgh Father’s Day gifts

By Lindsay Patross | June 4, 2021

Pittsburgh dads love Pittsburgh gifts. Here are our picks for the best Pittsburgh Father’s Day gifts. Even better, all of these gifts can be ordered online.

Looking for a unique local getaway? Rent this houseboat in Verona

By Lindsay Patross | September 19, 2020

Need a change of scenery? Spend the night on a boat. This houseboat is just 30 minutes from Downtown Pittsburgh 

Pittsburghese T-shirts

T-shirts N’at

By Very Local PGH | September 13, 2020

The best T-shirts and gifts to share your love of Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Knitting Shops

Where to buy locally made/dyed yarn online & Pittsburgh knitting shops

By Lindsay Patross | September 12, 2020

You can knit local too. Here are 10 local businesses that make or hand-dye yarn in Pittsburgh and a list of all of the Pittsburgh knitting shops.

Pittsburgh Cookbooks Three Rivers Cookbook

All the best Pittsburgh cookbooks for your kitchen

By Stephanie Brea | September 8, 2020

Don’t throw in the (dish) towel, these local cookbooks will inspire your neverending pandemic meal planning.

Books about Pittsburgh architecture

The best books about Pittsburgh architecture

By Lindsay Patross | August 31, 2020

The best books about Pittsburgh architecture. A reading list for anyone interested in learning more about the buildings, bridges and cemeteries in Pittsburgh.

Bring the game home! Seven unique gifts for Pittsburgh Pirates fans

By Very Local PGH | August 25, 2020

These gifts aren’t cheap, but they are certainly unique. Each item is made from a bat, ball or even a base that was used in a Pirates baseball game.

Pittsburgh Soap

Buy local soap! Meet Pittsburgh’s soap makers

By Lindsay Patross | August 23, 2020

We rounded up all the Pittsburgh soap makers! Here’s how you can shop local while ya warsh your hands.