New Orleans History

aaron burr

The City Where It (Almost) Happened: Did Hamilton’s Killer Try to Steal New Orleans?

By CJ DeMocker | October 12, 2022

Most people know Aaron Burr as Alexander Hamilton’s murderer, but did you know history books say he conspired to steal New Orleans from Spain?

steamboat houses new orleans

The Doullut Steamboat Houses of New Orleans

By Jyl Benson | October 12, 2022

The Doullut family built the twin homes in the early 1900s by hand. The Steamboat Houses are located in the 9th Ward Holy Cross neighborhood.

New book dives into life, recipes of entrepreneur Al Copeland

By Jyl Benson | August 31, 2022

While you will not find any Popeyes recipes in the book, but there are a great many of them from Copeland’s New Orleans and the Copeland Family.

restaurants in repurposed buildings

 If These Walls Could Talk: New Orleans Restaurants in Repurposed Buildings

By Marielle Songy | August 31, 2022

From the French Quarter to Lakeview, read more about the stories hidden within the walls of some of the cities best restaurants.

Friday the 13th: A guide to the history behind common superstitions

By Justin Joseph | May 13, 2022

Why does a black cat mean trouble? Will your mama’s back really break if you step on a crack?

In 1890, A New Orleans Police Chief Was Gunned Down by the Mafia

By Kate Taylor | April 27, 2022

In 1890, New Orleans Chief of Police David Hennessy Jr. was assassinated while walking home on Basin Street. The son of a police officer, his story is marred by politics, crime and the mob.

The Return of Big Chief Darryl Montana on Mardi Gras 2022

By Matthew Hinton | March 31, 2022

In the bright light of Mardi Gras mornings, the dancing and colorful beads and feathers from Montana’s suits are so vivid and saturated they leave an afterimage on the retinas. Accompanied by the shaking and thumping tambourine, and the singing and yelling of the traditional chants, the boisterous scene leaves a memory etched on the mind long after. 

How a Failed Canal Project Created Nola’s Neutral Grounds

By Kate Taylor | March 31, 2022

Nearly 200 years later, New Orleans’ neutral grounds are no longer the battleground the original Canal Street was. Now they play host to the battle for Mardi Gras throws instead.

Who built New Orleans?: The untold story of Black blacksmiths

By Sidney Holmes | March 4, 2022

French settlers made plans to turn the piece of land on the banks of the Mississippi River into a sprawling community, but they didn’t have the manpower or skills to do it themselves. So they turned to African slaves.

How an English Actor Brought Light to New Orleans

By Kate Taylor | January 26, 2022

While the days of gas streetlights are mostly a thing of the past, the mark James H. Caldwell made on New Orleans by creating her first gas light company has never faded.