New Year/New Galaxy with Starship Mantis. Join us on January 4.

Very Local is partnering up with Starship Mantis + Dancing Gnome + Black Forge + DJ Femi on an intergalactic costume party after the new year.

by Aadam Soorma | December 18, 2019

Here at Very Local, we talk a lot about collaborations – or collabs for short.

In early 2020, we’re excited to roll out a very collaborative event with A BUNCH of our very good friends. Continue reading for the deets.

New Year / New Galaxy

On January 4, 2020 – join us for an out-of this-world, once-in-a-lifetime, intergalactic costume party.

New Year / New Galaxy will feature music from:

  • Starship Mantis
  • Trio+ featuring Shad Ali
  • DJ Femi

On top of the rad (local) tunes, we will roll out a limited-release, cream ale collaboration beer brought to you by Dancing Gnome x Black Forge x Starship Mantis.

Doors open at 7pm (with music slated to begin at 8pm).

Tickets are $15 and available here:

Dancing Gnome Collaboration Beer

Our beer friends familiar with Dancing Gnome are tuned in to the Sharpsburg-based team’s willingness to collaborate with bands and musicians on fun, one-off beers.

For New Year / New Galaxy, Dancing Gnome paired up with Starship Mantis to brew Intergalactic Love, a cream ale.

You can expect a light, drinkable 4% ABV ale that will register a bit clearer than Dancing Gnome’s flagship, hazy IPAs. A golden, straw color that is noticeably transparent sets this apart from a much of what comprises Dancing Gnome’s portfolio (of beers).

Per Beni Rossman, bass player for Starship Mantis: “[We] are able to drink it on stage, have more than one, enjoy it, and still perform.”

Members of Starship Mantis brew their collaboration beer at Dancing Gnome. Their cream ale – Intergalactic Love – will debut on January 4, 2020. Attendees of New Year / New Galaxy can expect to enjoy the beer at the event. Photo: Buzzy Torek

Intergalactic Love will make its debut AT Dancing Gnome on Saturday, Jan 4 and then later that evening (in cans) at New Year / New Galaxy.

Starship Mantis fans will note that this is the band’s second to last show before they wrap things up. Their “End of Transmission” final show is scheduled for February 2020 at Spirit.

*Brought to you by Epicast, Very Local Pittsburgh, Dancing Gnome Beer, and Black Forge Coffee House II – McKees Rocks*


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