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Double Dealer, New Orleans’ speakeasy bar is ‘poetically’ and literally underground

By Angela Calonder | October 9, 2021

The underground speakeasy features decor, spirited drinks, live music and throwbacks to the ’20s in the Orpheum theater’s old ice pit.

Top 5-04: Where are the best cocktails in New Orleans?

By Marielle Songy | July 22, 2021

Because New Orleans is packed with amazing cocktail bars (and their signature drinks), we decided to make it a bit easier for you to narrow down some places you might want to check out, next time you feel like a night (or afternoon) out. For this Top 5-04 list, it’s all about the drinks and where to get them.

Pittsburgh dive bars

All of the Pittsburgh dive bars you need to visit

By Kelsey Swintek | July 9, 2021

From a dive bar where the walls are dripping, yes dripping, with holiday decor to a dive bar with a nice women’s bathroom, here are some of the Pittsburgh institutions you should know about. 

Energize & Chill – The best frozen coffee drinks in town

By Carly Luitgaarden | June 28, 2021

Whether you’re heading into the city for work, or need a pick-me-up on your way home, there’s a local coffee shop with a cold drink waiting for you! From a Campfire Cold Brew to a fruity Matcha, here is a list of 7 places in Pittsburgh with refreshing drinks on their menu.

Not your average daiquiri: the best frozen cocktails in New Orleans are made with local ingredients

By Beth D'Addono | June 21, 2021

Brain freeze may be the only surefire antidote to the swampy New Orleans heat. The best frozen cocktails aren’t the kind that are loaded with sugar and stain your lips cherry red or passion purple. We’re talking about slushy cocktails for grownups, powered by seasonal ingredients and good booze.

dog-friendly breweries

🐾 A guide to dog-friendly breweries in Pittsburgh

By Brian Conway | June 4, 2021

Our faithful four-legged friends rode out quarantine nestled next us, from the halcyon days of sourdough starters through the long, dark, interminable cold of Pittsburgh winter. And now that we’re vaccinated, the plan is to leave them, home alone, while we sip IPAs in the sun? Better yet, take Fido along: here’s a list of Pittsburgh breweries with dog-friendly outdoor spaces.

Where to Pick Up locally brewed Dad Beers for Father’s Day

By Aadam Soorma | June 4, 2021

Just in time for this weekend – we rounded up 15 of our favorite Pittsburgh dad beers you can mix into your plans for celebrating Father’s Day.

cold brew coffee in Pittsburgh

Guide to finding cold brew coffee in Pittsburgh

By Lindsay Patross | April 20, 2021

Plus, a look at which coffee shops offer nitro cold brew coffee.

Pittsburgh breweries with outdoor seating

UPDATED! Pittsburgh Breweries with outdoor seating for spring

By Brian Conway | April 9, 2021

With the weather sort of warming up, well warm enough to start to spend more time outdoors, several local breweries have opened or added outdoor seating so that you can stop by for a socially distant beer and some food.

Pittsburgh Irish-style Beers

Guide to Irish-style beers from Pittsburgh Breweries

By Very Local PGH | March 17, 2021

We rounded up a selection of Irish-Style ales, stouts, and porters from Pittsburgh breweries for St. Patrick’s Day or every day.