Blind Kitchen: Deceiving Dishes

LeeAnn Huntoon

LeeAnn Huntoon

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LeeAnn Huntoon

In this wildly unique food competition series, local chefs try their hand at recreating each other’s signature dish – but with a twist.! Chefs can only use their sense of taste, touch and smell to decipher what the other chef prepared. With blindfolds on, they’re put to the test as they taste each ingredient in the dish. When the masks come off, the heat is on as they work against the clock to create what they believe is the opposing chef’s signature dish. Not only are they competing for bragging rights, but they’re also competing for a trophy from artist Rev. Varg Vargas at Deurty Boys.

In this episode of “Blind Kitchen,” Chef Nathaniel Zimet of Boucherie and Bourrée goes up against Chef Peter Kusiw of La Provence.

Each recreated meal will be judged on:

  • Percentage of correct ingredients
  • Similarities in flavor and plating
  • Re-creation as a stand-alone dish

Chef Nathaniel Zimet: Woodfired Watermelon Carpaccio with Refried Avocado and Pine Nuts

Nathaniel Zimet is the chef and owner at Boucherie and Bourrée. He’s both waited tables and tended bar, but he didn’t realize until he was in college that he wanted to own a restaurant. That’s when he started to cook. Working with his hands in the kitchen helps calm his boundless energy.

Mystery Dish: Woodfired Watermelon Carpaccio

Watermelon, avocado, pine nuts, cilantro, and garlic


Chef Peter Kusiw: Sous vide duck and corn maque choux with crawfish and curry wontons

Chef Peter Kusiw is the head chef at La Provence, where he caters a wide array of events and gatherings from movie shoots to sporting events. He’s originally from New Jersey but grew up watching great chefs from New Orleans on television. He moved to New Orleans and started a family here.

Mystery Dish: Sous Vide Duck and Corn Maque Choux

Duck, spinach, crawfish, curry, onion, corn, peppers

Meet The Judge: Dusty Campbell

Dusty Campbell is a full- time traveling street performer. He performs magic in Jackson Square.

Want to see who wins?

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Blind Kitchen New Orleans


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