My Amazing Cheap Date: Funky Art and Tacos in New Orleans

Mary Staes

Mary Staes

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Mary Staes

“My Amazing Cheap Date” takes viewers through a variety of fresh, fun, and charming date ideas in the great city of New Orleans — all for $50 or less. Host Amy Brassette-McKeon serves as a guide to these amazing dates, and will make the final call on which couple had the best and most creative $50 date. The winning couple will be gifted a voucher to local establishments so they can enjoy another fun date together–this time, on Very Local’s dime.

Couple #1: Audrey and Shelby

  • Audrey Reames is originally from Los Angeles, and moved to New Orleans to attend Loyola University, where she is a senior. 
  • Shelby Eskind hails from the Lafayette area. After finishing college at LSU, she fell in love with New Orleans and never left. 

Couple #2: Edith and Louis

  • Edith Romero is originally from Honduras, which informs her deep support of Latin American causes.
  • Louis Parsons is a native New Orleanian and works as a line cook.

Great cheap date ideas: finding art in a creative city, roasted tofu street tacos, and long walks by the lake

In this episode, our couples received the following challenges: 

  • immerse yourselves in art, 
  • taco tuesday every day
  • sunset with a tasty treat
  • bonus challenge: get dessert

Immerse Yourself In Art

Robert Schaffer is a local art institution known as Dr. Bob. He operates Dr. Bob’s Folk Art, a studio where he displays his cheeky, irreverent art alongside a variety of interesting found objects. (And if you’ve seen cheerful signs in local restaurants instructing you to “Be Nice Or Leave,” they’re made by Dr. Bob.)

New Orleans Art Supply/Bark Market: Helmed by Blake Vandar Haar, New Orleans Art Supply/NOLA Bark Market is an art supply store that also boasts an art school, in addition to selling pet supplies and dog training, and houses a doggy daycare and a vet clinic. (New Orleans loves an unexpected fusion!) Vandar Haar explained that she started the art supply store first. The pet supplies she had trouble finding for herself later started off in a single corner, but currently outpace the art supplies in sales. 

Taco Tuesday Every Day

Mr. Tequila: Leonel Gonzalez’s establishment is known for their traditional street tacos, especially the barbacoa tacos. 

Juan’s Flying Burrito is a popular Tex-Mex restaurant with generous portions that are typically filled with neighborhood regulars. Try this spot to feel like a local!

Watch The Sunset With A Tasty Treat

The Music Tree in Bayou St. John is a gathering place where locals can enjoy a walk with their pup or with a friend. The tree is carved to resemble a bird, with a long piano keyboard painted around its slender trunk.

Pontchartrain Lakefront: Wrap up a long day of exploring by grabbing a bench or taking a stroll along the postcard-perfect shores of the peaceful Lake Pontchartrain. 

Bonus Challenge: Get Dessert

La Boulangerie is a local bakery in the heart of New Orleans — it’s a great spot to come and grab sweet treats, breakfast or lunch on the adorable back patio. No one’s telling if you sneak out of the office to get some work done here, either.

Crepes A La Cart is a beloved late-night spot for many of the local college students. It’s the perfect place to grab a treat to finish off a fun night.

But Who Wins?!

Ready to dive in deeper on this episode? Make sure you catch the “My Amazing Cheap Date: Tasty Treats” episode to get all the details. You’ll also see the winners receive a $200 gift certificate to Lilette, and the runners-up each get $25 for Turkey and the Wolf

You can watch all of the episodes of “My Amazing Cheap Date” for free on the Very Local channel. Click here for details on how to get the channel.