My Amazing Cheap Date: Dinner and Dirty Dancing

Mary Staes

Mary Staes

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Mary Staes

“My Amazing Cheap Date” explores fun, romantic, unique things that can be done in Orlando — all for $50 or less. Host Amy Brassette-McKeon provides color commentary throughout the dates and is the ultimate decider as to which couple had the best date and most creatively spent their fifty bucks. The winning couple will receive a prize to local establishments so that they can have another awesome, free date. Stream all of the episodes for free on the Very Local channel

Couple #1: Aubrey & Brandon

  • Aubrey Motley loves to sing and dance and is learning to fire knives.  
  • Brandon Rodriguez is an entertainer at a local theme park and a flight attendant. 

Couple #2: Nadia & Gialam

  • Nadia Schriel is a waitress that is pursuing her career in the music business. 
  • Gialam Tran is a full-time student that also teaches martial arts.  

In this episode, couples are challenged to create dates with these four themes:

  • Go Vintage 
  • Try Something New
  • Drinks Plus a Little Extra
  • Share a Pie


Orlando Vintage Clothing & Costume sells vintage clothing for men, women and children along with all of  the accessories. The pieces range from various periods and they also rent out the costumes. Brandon has never been to a vintage store so this place was the best to visit. Watch Lisa dress the couple and show them around the store.

Nadia and Gialam visit The Owl’s Attic, a warm and cozy shop that offers a variety of men’s & women’s vintage clothing plus home decor items. They also showcase other small businesses so they can get exposure. Watch as the couple chooses wild and crazy outfits for the other to try on. 

Try Something New

Nadia and Gialam do a drop in at DGBEK Studios, a dance studio that offers contemporary, hip hop, tap, ballet, whatever you can name they got it. The couple learns a choreographed routine and the first step is working on confidence. 

Aubrey and Brandon have some fun with this outside activity: tennis at USTA National Champs. The misconception is that the facility only deals with pros, but in reality tennis players with all backgrounds and levels can come and play. The couple has never played so watch the chaos ensue.   

Drinks Plus a Little Extra

Gods and monsters post-apocalypse?!? Aubrey and Brandon grab shots and cocktails at Vault 5421. Enjoy the theming & props, created by some of the best movie production designers and artists working in Central Florida along with free retro gaming. 

Nadia and Gialam hit up Bynx, a family owned business that sells coffee, rare books and records and has a recording studio. With a huge focus on arts and community, they have a variety of things that occur any day of the week! Nadia tries the Matcha Latte while Gialam chooses a Chai Latte. Watch as the couple enjoy the coffee and Nadia sings a few scales in the studio.    

Share a Pie

Aubrey and Brandon grab a pie at Antica Pizzeria, a family-owned spot for wood-fired pizzas, housemade pastas and other Italian specialties. 

Ziggie’s Pizza is known for their thin crust style pizza, where it can be jazzed up because there isn’t so much crust. Nadia is a vegetarian so  Gialam let her choose the toppings, which were all spicy to begin with plus she added hot sauce.

Watch these dates in action and see who wins!

Want to learn more about these great cheap date spots? Check out the “My Amazing Cheap Date” episode to see the two couples compete for the prizes and the victor of the challenges. 

You can watch all of the episodes of “My Amazing Cheap Date” for free on the Very Local channel. Click here for details on how to get the channel.  

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