My Amazing Cheap Date: Gators and Gamers

Cassidy Swanson

Cassidy Swanson

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Cassidy Swanson

On this episode of “My Amazing Cheap Date” Orlando,” two couples go on a blind date and get a chance to learn more about each other and the city they call home. They try out vegan dishes they’ve never had and sample the best pastries and ice cream in Orlando – all for $50 or less. 

Will they find their perfect match? Will they stay on budget, find out on this episode of My Amazing Cheap Date Orlando.

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Meet This Week’s Amazing Cheap Date Orlando Couples

Couple No. 1: Noir and Lloyd

  • Noir is an aspiring actress. 
  • Lloyd is an engineer.

Couple No. 2: Rebecca and Kenneth

  • Rebecca is a student outreach representative and a creative freelancer. 
  • Kenneth works in theme parks.

Orlando Cheap Date Ideas

In this episode, couples are challenged to create dates with these four themes:

  • Go into the wild
  • Veg out
  • Join in for some social gaming
  • Visit confection heaven

Go Into the Wild 

Rebecca and Kenneth visit wildlife haven Lake Apopka North Shore Wildlife Drive. The wetlands span 20,000 acres and more than 150 species call it home. It’s even one of the top birding areas in the state. Adventure-seekers can hike, bike, horseback ride and simply view the wildlife. As Rebecca and Kenneth get to know each other better, they may even stumble upon a creature or two.…

Noir and Lloyd hang out in a local park to do some bird-watching. Even with binoculars, it takes them a while to spot any birds, but once they do, they get to enjoy them in their natural habit as they enjoy a meal of their own.

Veg Out on Vegan Food in Orlando

Hungry Pants offers a plant- curious menu. It isn’t 100%  plant- based, but every dish the restaurant in Orlando offers is clean and responsibly sourced. Even the soda is made in-house using homemade syrups made of organic produce. Lloyd used to follow a vegan diet, so he taught Noir about the food. 

Dharma Southern Kitchen opened in 2015 and has been slinging delicious plant- based southern comfort food since. They offer new and unique vegan dishes in Orlando like barbecue cauliflower — (which Rebecca and Kenneth decide to share). It’s a first- time visit for Kenneth but Rebecca sampled much of the delicious menu already.

Join in for Some Social Gaming 

The Collective doesn’t just have board games and trading card games; it also sells new comics. You can hang out in the store and learn a new game or purchase one to take home. Thursday night is board game night, which is perfect for couples looking for a fun date night in Orlando. Watch to see if Lloyd lets Noir win when they visit.

Rebecca and Kenneth get their game on and share a flight of beer at Ellipsis Brewing. Ellipsis Brewing started as a home-brewing venture but then took its operation to the public and moved into the current location. The brewery caters to the gaming community, making it a favorite spot to play a game while enjoying a brew. Place your bets on who will be first to make the Jenga tower fall!

Visit Confection Heaven 

Rebecca and Kenneth head to Sugar Dough Bakehouse to share coffee and a strawberry croissant. The confections at Sugar Dough Bakehouse are as pretty as they are delicious. The bakehouse specializes in homemade Asian-inspired French pastries. Their goodies rotate seasonally, so there’s always something new to sample. 

Wondermade specializes in ice cream and delectable marshmallows. It offers unique marshmallow flavor combinations you can’t find anywhere else, and workers even let Noir and Lloyd cut a batch — you can too at one of the Wondermade Workshop). Wondermade ships its ice cream nationwide, but some of the flavors can only be found in-store.  

Watch these dates in action and see who wins!

Who are you betting on? Noir and Llyod or Rebecca and Kenneth? See who wins it all and takes home a gift card to a great local spot so they can enjoy another free date together. 

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My Amazing Cheap Date Orlando


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