My Amazing Cheap Date: Unicorns Dragons & Desserts in Orlando

LeeAnn Huntoon

LeeAnn Huntoon

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LeeAnn Huntoon

On this episode of My Amazing Cheap Date Orlando, two couples rekindle their love for the city beautiful on dates that take them from museums featuring military machinery and unicorns, to twice-fried Korean fried chicken and a cookie speakeasy ––all for $50 or less.

Will the long-time lovers of the competition have what it takes to stay on budget or will the recently dating duo find the best cheap date in Orlando? 

The winning couple will receive a prize to local establishments so that they can have another awesome, free date.

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Meet This Week’s Amazing Cheap Date Orlando Couples

Couple #1: Luis & Ashley

  • The long-time couple of the competition, Luis Torres says they initially met through mutual friends then Ashley Aponte messaged him through social media about an anime video and things took off from there.

Couple #2: Josh & Ana 

  • The newbie couple, Josh Trevilcock and Ana Gorayeb are both in the film industry, he is a stunt man and she is an actress, and met working at their last gig.  

Orlando Cheap Date Ideas

In this weeks episode of My Amazing Cheap Date Orlando, couples are challenged to create dates with these four themes:

  • Dive into History  
  • Shop Local
  • Crazy for Cookies 
  • Go after some chicken 

Dive into History 

Josh and Ana took a tour of the Museum of Military History that houses everything from the Revolutionary War up to the current war on terror, which includes uniforms, weaponry and military vehicles. You can stop in to see things from all over the world.  

Luis and Ashley also take a spin back in time at The History Center in Orange County. They have art, historical artifacts, and everything that Central Florida’s rich history has to offer. The museum plays an invaluable role by serving as the storyteller for all generations.

Shop Local 

Luis and Ashley visited Warehaus, a unique, family run home furnishings and decor business. With a mix of vintage and new home goods, specializing in mid century, bohemian and vintage styles, this brick and mortar half showroom/half workshop is the place to visit for restored vintage pieces.  

Joybird Books is a used bookstore that focuses on bringing local artists and authors together to share their work and celebrate literacy and art in a collaborative space. Josh enjoys the relaxing ambiance of the store while Ana struggles to decide on one of the many books she wants to buy. 

Go after some chicken 

Josh and Ana visit Too Much Sauce, a restaurant that makes international fusion bowls. Made fresh in the kitchen everyday, they deliver quality food that is delicious and affordable. They tried The Power Bowl which comes with either spicy or regional chicken, the mixture of sweet and spice is a perfect match.

Ever tried Korean fried chicken? Well, if not go and visit Chi-Kin where they put a spin on the familiar favorite. Luis and Ashley tried the double fried chicken that is tossed in a variety of one of their signature sauces or just put it on the side.

Crazy for Cookies 

Gou-oui Cookies specializes in unique cookies, with an all-day menu to the featured cookies that are not on the menu, such as the Par-tay, Fred Flinstone, Galaxy, Crush, etc. These cookies are a creation of a husband and wife that traveled together that wanted to indulge their sweet tooth and the cookie business was born, which Josh and Ana fully enjoyed. 

Looking for Phat Ash Bakes is like a scavenger hunt but when you find it, it is worth every minute of the journey. The specialty gourmet cookies and the speakeasy bakery is very discreet, set in the back of the alleyway, Luis had to ring the doorbell to get in and Ashley got the fresh baked cookies out of the back door. 

Watch these cheap dates in action to see who wins!

Want to learn more about these great cheap date spots in Orlando? Check out “My Amazing Cheap Date” on Very Local to watch the two couples compete for prizes and bragging rights. 

Watch all of the episodes of “My Amazing Cheap Date” for free on the Very Local channel. Click here for details on how to get the channel.  

You can watch all of the episodes of “My Amazing Cheap Date” for free on the Very Local channel. Click here for details on how to get the channel.  

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