Crimes, Cons and Capers: Love Scams

LeeAnn Huntoon

LeeAnn Huntoon

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LeeAnn Huntoon

What happens when the rose-colored glasses come off and true love turns into true crime? How do scammers get away with their romantic rackets? Find out on this episode of “Crimes, Cons and Capers: Love Scams.”

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Love is Blind

In Overland Park, Kansas, it all seemed like a cinderella story…at first. In 2014 Tiffany Buckley is swept off her feet by a man named Tom. The seemingly wealthy accountant showers her with gifts. They travel all over the world shopping for luxury vehicles. But soon Tiffany finds out that the diamond ring and other things are too good to be true. An investigation from Tom’s employer reveals he’s been embezzling cash from his high-profile clients.

International Intrigue

After losing her first husband in a plane crash and going through a divorce with husband #2 Nancy Douglas decided to try online dating. That’s when a man named Keith Bartel messaged her on Facebook out of the blue. What starts on Facebook quickly transitions to text messaging and phone calls. Keith sent flowers every week. Her longing for love blinded her from the clear red flags for 4 months. That’s when the requests for money began. Nancy sent nearly $10k to her lover only to find out that it was all a scam.

Call it Cell Phone Bling

In 2020 Paula Oxner meets a gentleman on a dating app. She thinks she’s found love but instead puts a whole new meaning to the term friends with benefits. Claiming to work for Verizon, her “boyfriend” said he could provide her with his company discount. When he told her he moved to a new cell phone provider with the same perks and asked her to make the switch, she didn’t think anything of it. That is until he opened up 5 lines and racked up an $11,000 bill.

A Soldier’s Love

Next, a soldier overseas steals a womans heart and so much more. In November of 2018, Amy Kristman was looking for love. The 33-year old single woman from Weatherford, Oklahoma meets a soldier overseas and starts dating him. Only they have never officially met in person. The man in uniform is seemingly half a world away. After months of online messaging, Amy decides to make her virtual love a reality with an in person rendezvous. After sending him over $800 to come visit her she is left waiting.

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