Ed and Day’s Guide to Braddock

Mary Staes

Mary Staes

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Mary Staes

In this episode, Ed and Day explore Braddock, also known as Day’s hometown and the birthplace of the Drinking Partners Podcast.

Dive Into a Book – Braddock Carnegie Library

Chardaé Jones, the youngest mayor in Braddock history starts the tour where they meet Vicki Vargo, Executive Director of the Braddock Carnegie Library Association. The $15M campaign to renovate Andrew Carnegie’s first library he built in the United States is 50% complete. Though some parts will remain the same, such as the theater and gymnasium, other parts will be repurposed. A boxing ring has become a family room and the new defunct swimming pool will be a lounge space known as the “Book Dive.”

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PGH pro tip: You can stay up to date with Chardaé Jones through her public Facebook page.

Food that’s served, not just sold – Aunt Cheryl’s Catering and Café

Cheryl Johnson Owner/Operator puts the gang to work immediately with her family looking on. Aunt Cheryl’s only uses fresh, quality ingredients. Ms. Johnson has been in business for 20 years and at her current location in Carnegie for six years. They learn where the best vanilla comes from (the islands), and the most important ingredients in her sweet potato pie (butter and love). Her memories of growing up in Braddock and the Guenter’s bakery compelled her to bring her business back home. (Screengrab 9:01).

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“Slow is Fast” – Studebaker Metals

Michael Studebaker – Co-Founder of Studebaker Metals shows introduces Ed and Day to traditional metalsmithing using hammers and anvils with solid metals. According to Micheal, metalsmithing is about having the right tools for the job. The old Free Press building, originally where BFP was printed, Old Guentert’s Bakery. (Screengrab 12:44) They get to play with fire and hammers while making their own Bessemer cuffs, using basic metalworking techniques.

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PGH pro tip: Learn more about the renovation of The Braddock Free Press Buildings.

Casual Fine Dining – Asti’s Italian Steakhouse

Kyle Asti – Owner Operator – The guys stop to recharge at one of Braddock’s newer additions. Owner and operator Kyle Asti focuses on his specialties: pizza, pasta, and steak. He calls the vibe “casual fine dining” that is sophisticated enough for a night out without being overly pretentious.

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Where it all started – Brew Gentlemen

We learn that Brew Gentlemen was part of Ed and Day’s introduction to the beer industry and the venue for their first live podcast. Alaina Weber, the Managing Partner, shows her old friends what’s new. Old Thunder Brewing is partnering with Brew Gentlemen because this type of sharing has contributed to growth in the brewing industry. (Screengrab 19:52) Their impressive expanded system is for their flagship brew, General Braddock because, as Alaina says, anyone should be able to enjoy a General Braddock. (Screengrab 21:53)

Want to learn more about some of the beer from Brew Gentlemen?

Check out our profile of General Braddock’s IPA. Plus, we caught up with Chardae Jones as she was collaborating with Brew Gentleman to make a beer for the 2019 Fresh Fest. Now known as the Barrel and Flow Festival, Ed and Day are the founders of the first beer festival in the country, which takes place in Pittsburgh each summer. 

Watch Ed and Day explore Braddock

You can watch Ed and Day visit all of these locations and learn more about the historic borough in the Braddock episode of “Ed and Day in the ‘Burgh” on the Very Local channel.

Looking to do a little more exploring? 

Braddock is just a few miles down the Monogahela River from Downtown Pittsburgh. If you want to head down the Allegheny River, make a stop in Millvale. Looking for a day trip or weekend getaway? Check out our guide to the Laurel Highlands or heard north to explore Erie.