Finding Adventure in Brunswick, Maine: Sea Kayaking, Horseback Riding, Parasailing

Cassidy Swanson

Cassidy Swanson

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Cassidy Swanson

In this episode, Kinga meets up with Joe Lugosch in Edgecomb, Maine, which is about an hour north of Portland, Maine. 

Just over a year ago, Lugosch embraced sobriety. The next step on his journey is to find balance and to find the motivation to get back to the nature and adventure that he loved as a kid and is so abundant in Maine. 

He lives above his jewelry studio and gets coffee across the street, so his world feels small sometimes. Watch as Kinga gets Joe back out into nature to help him not only connect with a side of himself that he’s missing, but to build a healthy routine. 

Tune in as Joe goes sea kayaking, horseback riding and parasailing in this episode of Finding Adventure. You can catch all the episodes of Finding Adventure on the Very Local channel. 

Sea Kayaking with Portland Paddle

📍Portland Paddle, Portland, Maine 

Kinga and Joe meet up with a friend Joe used to work with, Zack Anchors, owner and kayak guide at Portland Paddle. Visitors get the chance to enjoy kayak tours on Casco Bay and sea kayaking.

Kinga and Joe explore Casco Bay and paddle over to Fort Gorges, where they have the chance to tour the historic site. The mid-19th-century granite fort is only accessible by water.

More info: Follow @portlandpaddle on Instagram. 

Horseback Riding at Sable Oak Equestrian Center

📍Sable Oak Equestrian Center, Brunswick, Maine

Just 35 minutes from Portland, Kinga and Joe go horseback riding at Sable Oak Equestrian Center. Horseback riding is not only a therapeutic activity, but it gives riders the chance to explore the landscape in a different way. It also provides the chance to work together with the horse and develop a connection. 

Watch Joe as he not only connects with his horse, but reconnects with nature while having some wholesome fun.

More info: Follow @trackrite on Instagram.

Parasailing at Old Orchard Beach

📍OOB Watersports,  Old Orchard Beach, Maine

Watch Kinga and Joe visit a quintessential Maine spot: Old Orchard Beach. They soar 350 to 500 feet above the water as they parasail with OOB Watersports and take in the ocean breeze and smell of salt in the air. OOB Watersports not only offers parasailing excursions, but they also offer jet ski rentals, paddleboard rentals and more.

The adventure turns out to be a surprisingly peaceful, calming experience — not the intense adventure Joe thought it would be — and he discovers a healthy way to find balance. 

More info: Follow @oobwatersports on Instagram.

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Stay tuned for more episodes of Finding Adventure to see Kinga take locals outside for adventure in cities across the country.

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