Finding Adventure In Orlando: Letting Off Steam, Zip lining and Airboating 

Cassidy Swanson

Cassidy Swanson

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Cassidy Swanson

Join host Kinga Philipps as she travels across the country to help individuals break out of their comfort zones and explore the outdoors. Along the way, Kinga challenges each guest to try new things and to experience how stepping outside of the norm can be scary, but ultimately amazing and transformative.

In this episode, Kinga meets up with Madison Wilkins to help her continue to step into her new life. Madison is a facilitator and trainer at Walt Disney World and moved to Florida six years ago to begin her physical transformation. Soon after, she was diagnosed with cancer. But she beat the odds and survived. Now she’s happier than ever and is ready to see everything and try things she’s never tried before. 

Watch Madison let out her frustration, soar through the air and relax on an airboat in this episode of Finding Adventure. You can watch all of the episodes of Finding Adventure for free on the Very Local channel.

Breaking Stuff at Rage Room

📍 Rage Room Orlando, Orlando, Florida 

Kinga and Madison meet up with Jordan Miles in the Cancer Room at Rage Room Orlando to help Madison release some rage and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of breaking things. Rage Room offers several packages and you can join the rage room solo or with a group. Guests can turn on their favorite playlist and break ceramics, electronics and more with crowbars, mallets and sledge hammers. 

More info: Follow @rageroomorlando on Instagram. 

Zip lining at Cocoa Beach Aerial Adventures

📍  Cocoa Beach Aerial Adventures, Cape Canaveral, Florida 

Kinga and Madison visit Cocoa Beach Aerial Adventures, an aerial park that suspends participants on 45-foot poles in a canopy of trees. 

Participants can navigate 49 challenges and go at their own pace on one of the 7 different trails separated by difficulty levels. Participants get the chance to brave their fears, problem-solve and soar through the air on zip lines all while enjoying the beautiful scenery.

More info: Follow @cocoabeachaerialadventures on Instagram. 

Airboating at Orlando Airboat Tours

📍 Orlando Airboat Tours Operated by Marsh Landing Adventures, Kissimmee, Florida 

Capt. Chris Passmore takes Kinga and Madison on an airboat tour that glides through Shingle Creek to the headwaters of the Everglades. The tour is just miles from Madison’s home. Madison even gets an arm’s length away from an alligator! 

Airboat tours show you the wild side of Florida while also showing you the beauty, from incredible flora to captivating wildlife. It makes for one unforgettable adventure. 

More info: Follow @marshlandingadventures on Instagram. 

Looking for more adventure? 

Looking for more Orlando adventures? Check out this Orlando episode of Finding Adventure where Kinga takes mother-son duo Kalena and Maverick kayaking and flyboarding.

Stay tuned for more episodes of Finding Adventure to see Kinga take locals outside for adventure in cities across the country.

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