Finding Adventure in Sacramento: Survival Skills, Falconry and Windsurfing

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Very Local Staff

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Very Local Staff

What is Finding Adventure? Finding Adventure is a Very Local original series about unique outdoor adventures in cities across the U.S. Join host Kinga Philipps as she travels across the country to help individuals break out of their comfort zones and explore the outdoors. Along the way, Kinga challenges each guest to try new things and to experience how stepping outside of the norm can be scary, but ultimately amazing and transformative.

Glenda Macatangay has conquered her career and is a single mom to four kids. But when it comes to being comfortable in the outdoors, she isn’t as confident. Kinga meets up with Glenda in Sacramento, California, to introduce her to the wonders of the wilderness. 

Wilderness Expedition with Earthwalker, Inc.

📍 American River, Auburn, California

Earthwalker takes Kinga and Glenda on a wilderness survival and therapeutic adventure in a Southern California canyon to teach them how to be resourceful and creative in nature. Earthwalker, Inc. teaches fundamental survival skills while staying connected with the natural world. 

More info: Check out the Earthwalker website and follow Earthwalker on Facebook.

Windsurfing with Delta Windsports

📍 Sherman Island, Rio Vista, California

Delta Windsports teaches all types of wind-related activities and also sells any gear you need. They are conveniently located on Sherman Island in the Sacramento Delta, which is known as a premier spot for windsurfing and kiteboarding. Watch as they harness the power of nature between wind and water. 

More info: Check out the Delta Windsports website and follow Delta Windsports on Facebook. 

Falconry with West Coast Falconry

📍Marysville, California

Kate Marden is the founder and master falconer of West Coast Falconry. Their premise is to teach non-falconers about the apex predators and talk about their habitat and conservation. The wonders of the wilderness are the creatures that inhabit it, so watch as Kinga and Glenda interact with the falcons, eagles and owls.  

More info: Check out the West Coast Falconry website.

Looking for more adventure? 

Tune in for more episodes of Finding Adventure to see Kinga take locals outside for adventure in cities across the country. 

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