Hit Me With Your Best Spot: Ginger Minj, The DEV, WOW Rolling

LeeAnn Huntoon

LeeAnn Huntoon

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LeeAnn Huntoon

Nobody knows Orlando quite like the locals. In this episode of “Hit Me With Your Best Spot Orlando,” we’re talking to the area’s shop owners, foodies, and influencers to learn about their favorite Orlando spots.

Locals in this episode include: 

  • Ginger Minj – Local entertainer and drag queen
  • Dorsa Vaziri – Owner and operator of WOW Rolling
  • The Dev – Local Orlando band

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Ginger Minj- Local Drag Queen and Performer

While Ginger Minj came out of the womb tap dancing, it wasn’t until she came to Orlando that she learned putting on a wig and a little bit of lipstick would make her money as a performer. She was a finalist on “RuPaul’s Drag Race” and has done everything from television and movies to a Las Vegas Residency. 

Ginger’s Picks 

Where to Find Costume Makeup and Props in Orlando – Embellish FX 

MUST TRY: Prosthetics 

Embellish FX is the spot where artists involved in cinema, theater, dance, and other forms of performance art go for their special effects makeup, theatrical supplies, cosplay accessories, and wigs. It’s a cosplay emporium and has every prop and accessory you can imagine.

Museums in Orlando – Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition 

MUST TRY: Titanic Dinner Gala

Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition has over 156 real artifacts from the Titanic (recovered from the ocean floor), including an actual piece of the ship. The museum pays tribute to the stories and memory of the legendary ship and all its passengers and crew. The museum offers different comprehensive tours, including the seasonal tour, Tales from Titanic, which talks about premonitions and theories surrounding the Titanic.

Dinner Theater in Orlando – Sleuths Mystery Dinner Shows 

MUST TRY: Holidaze in Hillendale

At Sleuths Mystery Dinner Shows, you get to be part of the action. Everyone is a suspect and a detective. Enjoy a comedy mystery where the clues are presented, eat dinner as you formulate your theories and prep questions for a live interrogation, and then indulge in dessert while the mystery is revealed. 

Fun Fact: Ginger worked here for 12 years. 

The Dev – Hard Rock Band

The Dev is a hard rock band comprised of members Nikollaj Leshi (lead vocalist), Ryan Danley (guitarist), John Panaccione (bassist), Barrett Jones (guitar), and Chris Caruso (drums). Each band member has a different favorite band, so their sound is like a mashup of all those bands thrown together in a blender. 

The Dev’s Picks 

Music Venues in Orlando – Will’s Pub

MUST TRY: Craft Beer

Will’s Pub is like three different bars and music venues in one. If you’re a good band in Orlando, this is the place you want to be playing, and if you’re a music fan, Will’s Pub is the place to be for a killer show. In addition to the best rock bands in the area, the bar also hosts charity and fundraiser events.

Spooky Cocktails in Orlando – Cocktails & Screams 

MUST TRY: The Absinthe Drip 

Imagine a bar that’s Halloween all the time, and you’ve got Cocktails & Screams. Waiters are in costumes, and guests can dress in extreme, off-the-wall styles and feel comfortable and welcomed. 

The main bar has 20 different themed cocktails. At the speakeasy in the back, guests list their favorite flavors, and the bartenders will craft them a special cocktail. 

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Burlesque in Orlando – Bad Witch Burlesque

MUST TRY: Halloween Show

Mix a little bit of rock and roll and some unconventional showgirl glamor, and you’ve got Bad Witch Burlesque. The high-performance shows include burlesque, aerial arts, pole, and chair dance performances. “The Coven,” as they’re called, can be booked to open for your band or perform alongside your band. 

Dorsa Vaziri – Owner of WOW Rolling

WOW Rolling is Orlando’s roller skating hub. It’s a supportive community for people who are just learning to skate and people who live and breathe skating like Dorsa. Not only does the shop perform maintenance on skates, but Dorsa can work with you to build custom skates. Dorsa teaches courses at Impact Fitness Studio, like roller dance drills and roller fit classes. 

Dorsa’s Picks 

Roller Skating in Orlando – Semoran Skateway

MUST TRY: Open Skate Night

Semoran Skateway opened in 1978 and, as such, is an iconic rink complete with flashing lights and disco balls. The family-owned and operated rink offers family nights, open skate nights, beginner skate nights, and more. When you’re under the lights with the music up loud, it’s hard to have a bad time. 

Orlando Organic Tea Cafe – Infusion Tea

MUST TRY: Vanilla hot chai latte

Infusion Tea is an organic tea cafe with a vegetarian menu. The cafe serves over 100 varieties of loose-leaf tea, including black, white, green, and herbal teas. The cafe opened in 2004 with the mission to help people obtain a healthy mind, body, and spirit. 

Local Watering Hole in Orlando – Whippoorwill

MUST TRY: Bottle of wine

Whippoorwill Beer House & Package Store is a bottle shop and taproom. They have a rotating tap of 16 craft beers and hundreds of selections to choose from in their bottle shop. You can also get wine by the glass or bottle. 

Whippoorwill regularly hosts markets, pop-ups, and other events. 

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