Lindsay Patross

Lindsay Patross

Hometown Tragedy Season 2 Premieres June 8

Lindsay Patross

Hometown Tragedy’s second season investigates true crimes that rocked communities across America, exploring the impact on those left to seek justice. The cases range from cold-blooded murder to domestic abuse turned deadly. At the core of each story are the victims’ friends and family members, who reveal their true strength as they fight for answers and resolutions to these heinous crimes.

The Oklahoma Girl Scout Murders // Tulsa, Oklahoma

As Girl Scouts at Camp Scott settle into their tents one evening, eerie footsteps and distant cries haunt the campers throughout the night. The unsettling sounds turn out to be the echoes of one of the largest murder investigations in Oklahoma’s history.

The Mystery of Maura Murray // New Hampshire

Known as one of the first cases of the digital age, Maura Murray’s mysterious disappearance continues to confound investigators and internet sleuths.

Missing in Milwaukee // Milwaukee, Wisconsin

A missing Milwaukee woman’s family and her community push for answers about her disappearance. What authorities learn a week later sends shockwaves through the city.

The Pike County Massacre // Pike County, Ohio

After eight members of one family were killed in their homes in a single night, residents of the devastated Ohio community were left to wonder if they were next.

Crime Briefs (The DNA of Murders)

Three cold cases remain unsolved for decades until advances in forensic technology bring investigators closer than ever to finding answers for the victims’ families and friends.

The Florida Fugitive // Orlando, Florida

Weeks after a pregnant woman is shot and killed in Orlando, a shootout between her suspected killer and a police officer sparks a manhunt.

The Drake Diner Slayings // Des Moines, Iowa

It’s the day after Thanksgiving 1992 in Des Moines, Iowa, and few want to cook. Locals head to the popular Drake Diner instead. In front of a packed restaurant, an armed man shoots and kills two diner employees. Is the town as peaceful as some say?

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Hometown Tragedy Season 2 Premieres June 8

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