Local Love: Ready to Settle Down

LeeAnn Huntoon

LeeAnn Huntoon

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LeeAnn Huntoon

A bachelor is looking for a long term love. Will 26-year-old Luke find the connection he’s longing for during the three blind dates he’s set up on? Will it be the numbers girl, the event planner, or the legal eagle? Find out who he picks for the second date in this episode of “Local Love Kansas City.”

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Meet This Week’s Locals Looking for Love

The Dater: Luke Meyer is a 26-year-old in the medical sales industry who has been living the bachelor life and having never been in a long term relationship he’s looking to change that. He’s looking for someone who is nice and family oriented. 

  • Date #1: Elizabeth is a 23-year-old account manager and loves yoga.
  • Date #2: Molly is a 24-year-old event planner that enjoys tennis.
  • Date #3: Andrea is a 23-year-old paralegal that loves animals and soccer.

Kansas City Date Ideas

  • Go to a shuffleboard bar
  • Play a game of pickleball
  • Visit an Alpaca farm 

Shuffleboard Bar in Kansas City

The first date takes place at Ludo’s Shuffleboard Bar. The shuffleboard bar in Kansas City where you can get a quick lesson in shuffleboard before you play and enjoy a cocktail while you play. Will Luke and Elizabeth be able to interact together and hit the board?

Pickleball in Kansas City

Will Luke be pumped up for his date with Molly? They hit the court at Chicken N Pickle in North Kansas City. Will Luke have the skills to beat Molly?

Visit the Alpaca Farm in a Kansas City

The last date happens at Ya Ya’s Alpaca Farm near Kansas City. Will Luke be onboard for his adventure date with Andrea? They take a tour of the Alpaca’s where they can see,  feed and pet  them. Will Luke enjoy this unique date with Andrea?

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