Maddy and Dixie Take Sactown: Treat Yo Self

LeeAnn Huntoon

LeeAnn Huntoon

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LeeAnn Huntoon

In this episode of Maddy and Dixie Take Sactown, it’s time to slow things down and feel a little fancy. Maddy and Dixie find unique ways to zen out, indulge in sweet treats, craft artistic hand-painted nail art, and end up on cloud “wine.”

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Places to Relax in Sacramento

Capitol Floats

The first stop for our hosts is a tranquil oasis known as Capitol Floats. The sensory deprivation floatation center in Sacramento offers float tanks, an infrared sauna, and a somadome meditation pod. Watch as Dixie takes the plunge and says goodbye to stress in the float tanks, and Maddy listens to chill beats in the meditation pod.

Sweet Treats in Sacramento

Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates

Next stop…a chocolate shop. Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates in Midtown Sacramento has a delectable menu of sweet treats and desserts. The farm-to-fork patisserie in Sacramento uses locally sourced ingredients. Maddy and Dixie get hands-on piping freshly made fruit filing into flaky croissants.

Artistic Nail Salons in Sacramento

The Sacred Nail

Next, Maddy and Dixie head to The Sacred Nail salon in Sacramento for self-care with a creative twist. Salon owner Ashley Stevenson specializes in hand painting, charms, and 3-D designs. Watch as Maddy and Dixie get a hands-on tutorial on creating 3-D nails with handmade butterfly charms.

Cheese and Wine Bars in Sacramento

The Rind

If you love charcuterie, you’ll love the next spot. The Rind is a cheese and wine bar in Sacramento that serves an array of cheeses, wine, and beer pairings. Maddy and Dixie awaken their senses with a perfect pairing with a season cheese board and complimenting drinks for each pairing.

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