Maddy and Dixie Take Sactown: Truly Unexpected

LeeAnn Huntoon

LeeAnn Huntoon

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LeeAnn Huntoon

Maddy and Dixie are pretty in the know about all things Sacramento, but in this episode of “Maddy and Dixie Take Sactown,” they explore totally unexpected places off the beaten path.

Watch the full episode of “Maddy & Dixie Take Sactown” on the Very Local app to see them try out archery, visit a psychic, and find a speakeasy.

Archery in Sacramento 

Deborah’s Mobile Archery Range

Owned by — you guessed it — Deborah (Rodriguez), Deborah’s Mobile Archery Range doesn’t have a set location; she can teach anywhere there’s a well-established range. Deborah learned archery at just 12 years old. She began teaching with her mobile range over six years ago.

In this episode, Maddy and Dixie go to the range at Discovery Park and battle against each other to see who’s the better archer.

Where to Get Psychic Readings in Sacramento 

Julia’s Crystal Journey

Psychic Julia Miller offers palm readings, tarot readings, teal leaf readings, and psychic readings. She’s been practicing for over 12 years. Dixie does a tarot reading and Maddy does a psychic reading. Tune in to see what they find out!

Hidden Speakeasy Bars in Sacramento 

The Roost 

Located inside the chicken restaurant Bawk! is The Roost, a 48-person capacity speakeasy. There’s no password to get in or membership required. You can walk in or make a reservation. 

The Roost has a huge selection of rare spirits. Guests can indulge in a three-course drink option — with each cocktail highlighting a different spirit — or they can fill out a dealer’s choice card. Select a spirit, flavor profile, and drink vibe and the bartender will make you a custom cocktail based on what you’ve selected. That’s what Maddy and Dixie opt for and the cocktails they get are tantalizing.

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