Maker Nation Show

Life is what you make it! 

Host Ashley Adams, a crafter in her own right, meets different makers and artists across America. Each has a unique story to tell, and an amazing skill to share. Every episode features profiles of two makers and a “Craft Course” tutorial showing viewers how they can make something artful out of simple items lying around their house.

What makes a maker?

Maker Nation profiles artists and crafters of all levels. From a bead artist who creates elaborate costumes for Mardi Gras to a potter who loves to make useful items that can be used every day, we meet all different kinds of makers.

Meet the host: Ashley Adams

Meet Ashley Adams, mover, shaker, baker and maker. She’s not new to crafting. In fact, her love of crafting began in Girl Scouts. Raised by a single mother, Adams was taught to be resourceful. She uses what she has readily available to make something new — whether it’s a boring old pot made beautiful with a little paint or an old thrifted top turned into an elegant dress. Rather than indulging in the latest trends, she tries to see if she can reconstruct it better or make it cheaper. Learn more about Ashley here.

Maker Marketplace

Most of the makers we’ve profiled on the show also sell their art online. Check out our Maker Marketplace to see some of our favorite items from artists that we have featured on the show.