My Amazing Cheap Date: Creole Cuisine and Cajun Dancing

Lindsay Patross

Lindsay Patross

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Lindsay Patross

“My Amazing Cheap Date” takes you through the best date ideas in New Orleans — all for $50 or less. Comedic actor Amy Brassette-McKeon brings together four singles from around the city, and will act as both host and judge to determine which couple had the best blind date. The winning duo will receive a voucher to a favorite local restaurant for another date–this time, on our dime. Stream all of the episodes for free on the Very Local channel.

Couple #1:

  • Catie Santos was born and raised in New Orleans and works in sales for the cannabis industry.
  • Ayo Awosika originally hails from Nigeria, but has been in the U.S. since the age of 5. He now works in education.

Couple #2: 

  • Jake Rothschild is a native New Orleanian who recently moved back home from Memphis, Tenn.
  • Warren Hogan is originally from Mississippi, but moved to New Orleans several years ago, drawn by the music and history of the city. 

Great cheap date ideas: healthy treats, learn about levees, Creole cuisine and Cajun dancing

In this episode, our couples received the following challenges:

  • Have fun and get fit
  • Share a wish over a dish
  • Learn something new
  • Bonus challenges: Paint some good & Cajun dancing

Have Fun And Get Fit

4EverFit Nutrition offers a wide variety of health-conscious treats for folks who prefer not to deal with a caffeine crash. In particular, they boast meal replacement shakes and a sugar-free tea that is perfect for people with diabetes. 

Ready to sweat it out? N’Fungola Sibo African Dance and Drum Company runs African dance classes with live drummers–it’s high energy, positive, and fun. 

Share A Wish Over A Dish

New Orleans Food & Spirits is a busy spot best known for their fried seafood, a variety of salads, and large portions. Hint: get the voodoo crawfish rolls–they’re a best seller. 

The Munch Factory gives a modern Creole twist to some of your favorite New Orleans dishes. The best part? Everything’s made from scratch.

Learn Something New provides museum-quality information about levee-break events, in particular Hurricane Katrina. The panels detail the devastating impacts of the breakage on the local community, but also provide data about what measures New Orleans has taken to avoid such events in the future. 

The Jazz Walk of Fame, located in Algiers Point, allows you to wander among the homes and favored venues of famous New Orleans jazz musicians. There are short recordings scattered throughout the site that provide information about the city’s musical luminaries, and the view of the city from across the river is enchanting. 

Bonus: Paint Some Good

Green Light New Orleans is an environmental non-profit organization dedicated to providing rain barrels to residents within the Greater New Orleans levee system. Grab your paintbrush and get decorating–these cheerfully painted barrels keep water out of the city’s storm drains, which are taxed to the limit with the city’s 64 inches of average yearly rainfall. 

Bonus: Cajun Dancing in New Orleans

Gasa Gasa is home to a lively and inclusive Cajun dancing scene. Learning how to dance to Zydeco is the perfect excuse to get a little closer to your date.

Want to know who took home the gold? 

Tune in to this fun episode to watch two couples who may or may not be falling in love right before our eyes…and to find out who won this episode’s challenge. The winners receive a $200 gift card to N7, and our runners-up each get a $25 gift card to Lamara Coffee & Kitchen

You can watch all of the episodes of “My Amazing Cheap Date” for free on the Very Local channel. Click here for details on how to get the channel.  

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