My Amazing Cheap Date: A $50 dinner and free date ideas

Marielle Songy

Marielle Songy

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Marielle Songy

“My Amazing Cheap Date” explores fun, romantic, unique things that can be done in New Orleans — all for $50 or less. Host Amy Brassette-McKeon provides color commentary throughout the dates and is the ultimate decider as to which couple had the best date and most creatively spent their fifty bucks. The winning couple will receive a prize from local establishments for another awesome, free date. 

In this episode, two couples compete to see who can have the best date for $50 or less. The couples must spend the $50 on dinner and then enjoy other free activities. 

Couple #1: Jackie and Peyton

  • Jackie Cole is outgoing and loving.
  • Peyton Cole is loving and driven.

Couple #2: Barrett and Beaux

  • Barrett DeLong is charismatic and loves educating others.
  • Beaux Church works in management and collects plants.

Amazing Cheap Date Ideas: A $50 dinner and free date ideas

In this episode, couples are challenged to have dates with these themes:

  • Dine Your Honey with All Your Money
  • Enjoy a Good Time
  • A Rainy Day Date

Enjoy a Good Time

  • The Sazerac House is a three-floor interactive cocktail museum where you will have an immersive experience. Here you will learn the history of the Sazerac and cocktail culture and Barrett and Beaux especially enjoyed the free samples.
  • Ir1descent Angel is based on self-exploration through multiple mediums such as photography. Curator Tyla Cobette’s latest collection of photos pertains to the zodiac.

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Dine Your Honey with All Your Money

  • Located in Mid City, Toups’ Meatery is a Cajun meat lover’s dream. Here you will enjoy meats of all kinds, cheeses, cracklins, boudin balls, and more! Jackie and Peyton couldn’t get enough of Toups’ meaty menu.
  • Sake Cafe was one of the first-ever sushi restaurants in New Orleans. Since its debut, this restaurant has pleased local palates with traditional and fusion sushi offerings. Barrett and Beau don’t eat seafood but had no problem finding something on the menu that appealed to them.

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A Rainy Day Date

  • Since 2012, ricRACK has been a place for the community to learn how to sew, create, grow, imagine, reuse, sustain and succeed. This nonprofit group repurposes costumes and materials from movie and theater sets and teaches kids the importance of repurposing and sewing.
  • Rosetree Glass Studio and Gallery creates distinctive artwork using glass-blowing techniques. Owner Mark Rosenbaum operates this beautiful gallery out of an old theater in Algiers Point.

Bonus Date: Blue Cypress Books

Bonus activity: Blue Cypress Books is a woman-owned independent bookstore that has been serving the community since 2008. Blue Cypress Books is a member of the American Booksellers Association and the Southern Independent Booksellers Association and is one of New Orleans’ most beloved bookstores.

Watch these dates in action and see who wins! 

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