My Amazing Cheap Date: Newlyweds, Bakeries & Beer

LeeAnn Huntoon

LeeAnn Huntoon

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LeeAnn Huntoon

On this episode of My Amazing Cheap Date Orlando, two couples take an international trip without going out of the city.  They find a food truck that offers the best Picanha in town and grab drinks at local bars in Orlando––all for $50 or less.

Which one of the young newlyweds will take the prize and find the best cheap date in Orlando? 

The winning couple will receive a prize from local establishments so that they can have another awesome, free date.

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Meet This Week’s Amazing Cheap Date Orlando Couples

Couple No. 1: Lincoln and Naomi

  • Lincoln and Naomi Hallford are both originally from Texas but met in Orlando after an introduction by mutual friends. These newlyweds have been married for almost a year.

Couple No. 2: Geanna and Mel

  • Geanna Arnold and Mel Gonzales are also newlyweds who met on social media.

Orlando Cheap Date Ideas

In this episode, couples are challenged to create dates with these four themes:

  • Go To The Market 
  • Find International Treats 
  • Grab Food On The Quick  
  • Drinks And Entertainment

Find International Treats

Lincoln and Naomi decided to try  Mecatos Cafe and Bakery, a family-owned business that wanted to share their passion for Colombian food and culture with other diverse communities within the city. This cafe serves a diverse menu ranging from stuffed arepas, empanadas, Colombian hot dogs, and breakfast sandwiches to specialty coffee to pastries and desserts in Downtown Orlando.

Geanna and Mel stopped at Dochi, the home of the Japanese mochi donuts in Orlando. A dochi is a cross between a Japanese rice cake (aka “mochi”) and a classic American fried donut. The fan favorite is the Matcha Pistachio, dipped in matcha and topped with pistachios but watch and see which one the couple chooses.  

Grab Food on the Quick

Geanna and Mel hit up À La Cart, a craft beer bar and food truck park in Orlando that houses five semi-permanent food trucks seven days a week for lunch and dinner. This food truck park has a family-friendly environment that promotes a sense of community. The couple chose Steak It Easy, a food truck that is known for its amazing Brazilian barbecue and having the best Picanha in town.  

Looking for just fried chicken in Orlando? I mean delicious, straight-forward fried chicken; no extra showboating chicken? Then you need to try Itsa Chicken, this eatery delivers fast food on an upper echelon level. All of the chicken is sourced from responsible chicken farms, the slaw is made from scratch, and the sauces are made in-house. Watch to see what Lincoln and Naomi decide to share.

Go to the Market

Lincoln and Naomi got lost in the East End Market. Well, not too lost because Naomi walked straight to the dog treats. The couple doesn’t frequent markets often because they are out of the way for them, so they took advantage of the date. East End Market is the neighborhood market and food hall in the Audubon Park Garden District and showcases some of the best of the best in the food industry. This place is the hub for the local food and culture that promotes creativity and collaboration.  

Palmer’s Garden has been around for twenty years, starting as a small nursery that has grown to what it is now. If you don’t know what specific plant you’re looking for, no worries, the “plant nerds” will help you with deciding on which plant baby is best for you. That isn’t an issue for Geanna and Mel because they are well-practiced plant parents already.

Drinks and Entertainment in Orlando

Lincoln and Naomi visit Lil Indie’s to unwind and dance their whirlwind day away with a beer and a shot. This establishment is a cozy bar that offers a range of hand-mixed cocktails with regular live performances.  It is a part of Will’s Pub and just branched out as it got bigger.  

Geanna and Mel visit Ivanhoe Park Brewery Company for a private tour of the brewery and a little drinking. This independent craft brewery and tasting room seeks to make craft beer accessible to everyone and create approachable beers. Does Mel finally get her IPA?

Watch these dates in action and see who wins!

Who are you betting on? Lincoln and Naomi or Geanna and Mel? See who wins it all and takes home a gift card to an amazing local restaurant in Orlando that serves southern comfort and contemporary cuisine.

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My Amazing Cheap Date Orlando


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