My Amazing Cheap Date: Sunflowers and Citrus Fruits

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On this episode of “My Amazing Cheap Date” Orlando,” two couples who are meeting for the first time go head to head to see who can have the best date and stay within their $50 budget.

Can these couples have a blast on a budget of $50 or less? Find out!

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Meet This Week’s Amazing Cheap Date Orlando Couples

Couple No. 1: Brandon and John

  • Brandon is 36 and grew up as a gymnast. John is 24 and a self-taught pianist.

Couple No. 2: Kirshten and Nick

  • Kirshten is 23 and a fashion creator on TikTok. Nick is 32 and a photographer originally from California.

Orlando Cheap Date Ideas

In this episode, couples are challenged to create dates with these four themes:

  • Have fun in the sun
  • Chow down on some American classics
  • Enjoy Florida fine arts
  • Chill out

Have Fun Under the Sun

Brandon and John go to Southern Hill Farms to pick sunflowers. The 121-acre farm has seasonal crops – from flowers to produce – guests can enjoy throughout the year. The farm hosts a fall festival every October.

Kirshten and Nick go to Showcase of Citrus, considered “Florida’s Fresh Air Attraction.” Guests can go on a monster truck tour of the groves and pick their own citrus.

Chow Down on Some American Classics

Brandon and John check out Kappy’s Subs to share one of the sandwich restaurant’s signature sandwiches. The restaurant has been open since 1967 and in the family since 1971. 

Beth’s Burger Bar is known for having the best burger in Central Florida. The restaurant features delectable signature burgers and build-your-own burgers. Kirshten and Nick see what all the hype is about.

Enjoy Florida Fine Arts

Brandon and John visit Sam Flax, an art supply store that’s been in business for over 100 years and in Orlando for 40 years. The store is known not just for art supplies but also for gifts, custom framing, and books. They pick up supplies to draw in the park together. 

At Wekiva Island, visitors have the chance to enjoy the natural springs, spot Florida wildlife, and get on the water in a kayak or canoe. Wekiva Island also has a free art gallery that Kirshten and Nick have the chance to explore.

Chill Out

Brandon owns Main House Market and Kombucha Bar, so he takes John there for a flight of kombucha. The kombucha bar also sells goods from local vendors.

The Greenery Creamery is Florida’s first artisanal ice cream boutique. Kirshten and Nick head to the ice cream shop for scratch-made ice cream, including vegan options.

Watch these Cheap Dates in Orlando in action and see who wins!

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My Amazing Cheap Date Orlando


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