My Amazing Cheap Date: New Orleans Poboys and Jokes

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Comedy Duo #1: Shervey & Mario

  • Shervey Carter is a nationally-touring comedian, actor, and radio personality born and raised in New Orleans.
  • Mario Pleasant is a New Orleans-based comedian and entertainer, known as “Mario P”, who also owns and operates Comedy Goon apparel and merchandise.

Comedy Duo #2: Kymbra and James

  • Kymbra Li is a New Orleans native who is an all-around creative who owns Milkdit Concepts, a creative consulting company. 
  • James Germain is a local comedian and performer in New Orleans.

In this episode, the comedians are challenged to create “hang outs” with these three themes:

  • Get Fit for Fun
  • Debate the Best Po’boys in the City
  • Down a Local Drink

 Fit for Fun: Kymbra and James had an extensive workout with Charlie Thomas. While Kymbra was able to keep up, James had a battle with gravity and a hangover and both won out (although he did have enough stamina to run and get his vape pen within the 15-second challenge Charlie gave him). 

Shervey and Mario hit up the NOLA Vibe Yoga, a social, pop-up yoga studio that conducts classes all around town. The duo was not prepared for this intense workout, Shervey had pretty good balance but some poses proved challenging for both, especially downward dog, and they called it quits early. 

Best Po’boys: Kymbra and James enjoyed a sno-ball and a hot sausage po’boy from Red Rooster. Red Rooster is a family owned business that began as a sno-ball shop that expanded to other items, such as red beans and rice, yakamein, po’boys and more.

In Uptown New Orleans, Shervey and Mario hit Guy’s Po Boys where every sandwich that leaves the shop is made by Marvin Matherne, Jr. for the last 28 years. If Marvin’s out, so are the sandwiches. The duo barely reached the counter before Shervey was spotted by Marvin, who recognized him as a comedian that performed at a show he attended. Apparently the duo are funny because Shervey’s shrimp poboy and Marios hot sausage poboy was on the house!

Local Drink Spot: The most looked forward to activity for Kymbra and James was hitting NOLA Art Bar a Black-owned business that not only provides cocktails but also has an adjourned bookstore, coffee shop and podcast studio. The duo were able to enjoy a cocktail each, the drinks were so good James wanted another one. 

The next stop for Shervey and Mario was Barrel Proof, known for its large whiskey selection. Open seven days a week, they have two pop-up kitchens and affordable prices. The duo thoroughly enjoyed the drinks and the vibe.

Extra Activity – Vintage Shopping with Shervey and Mario: GLUE New Orleans is a New Orleans-based clothing store that sells vintage to modern items along with guitars and accessories. Seemingly a fan of the store, Shervey found a sweatshirt to add to his clothing antidote.

Extra Activity – Stand Up with Kymbra and James: Comedy House New Orleans is the city’s first and only designated comedy club that features local and national touring talent. Kymbra also works at the club, which is open five days a week, Wednesday through Sunday, and includes a bar. James performs at the club from time to time, although he and Kymbra can’t agree if he is a headliner or  just performed last. If you are a comedian or aspiring to become one, this is where you need to be.

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Watch these hang outs in action and see who wins!

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