My Amazing Cheap Date: Street Meats and Fitness Feats

LeeAnn Huntoon

LeeAnn Huntoon

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LeeAnn Huntoon

On this episode of My Amazing Cheap Date Orlando, two couples take a stroll around the city.  They find gardens and fresh air, core workouts, and coffee at local cafes in Orlando––all for $50 or less.

Which one of these singles will take the prize and find the best cheap date in Orlando? 

The winning couple will receive a prize to local establishments so that they can have another awesome, free date.

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Meet This Week’s Amazing Cheap Date Orlando Couples

Couple No. 1: Kat and Marquis

  • Kat Williams works as a  video game streamer. 
  • Marquis Mattocks is a content creator, actor and voice actor.

Couple No. 2: Dave and Ashley

  • Dave Kay works as a business analyst 
  • Ashley Edwards is a freelance social media marketer.

Orlando Cheap Date Ideas

In this episode, couples are challenged to create dates with these four themes:

  • Tea and Conversation 
  • Breath of Fresh Air  
  • Bites Around the World
  • Get Physical 

Tea and Conversation

Kat and Marquis decided to try MÖGE TEE, which is dedicated to creating a unique new-style tea beverage with a natural and fresh taste, as well as hold strong to the traditional bubble tea inspired by Chinese traditional tea culture. The cafe serves slushies created in-house that are to die for and are large enough to split between two people. 

Dave and Ashley stopped at Craft and Common, a place where your coffee order won’t be judged but where your coffee experience will be great. There is a menu for coffee and teas specifically made by the cafe that you can only find there. Craft and Common is one of the most epic coffee shops around, the airy, modern design is definitely a plus.

Breath of Fresh Air

Dave and Ashley visited Mead Botanical Garden, which was founded and opened in 1940 and boasts an array of flowering gardens, wildlife habitats and pavilions. This quaint place feels so welcoming and is a perfect place to host any venue for those special occasions, such as family reunions, birthday parties, weddings, and much more.

After discovering that Ashley is also into cosplay, Marquis set up a photo shoot for her. She was dressed as a warrior elf, and he not only took the fabulous photos but he also edited them. So cool!

Get Physical

Kat and Marquis visited College Park Yoga, a large yoga studio with a modern vibe for workshops, training, and classes for all skill levels. This studio brings a sense of community and calmness and creates a safe and welcoming environment. 

While Kat and Marquis stretched with yoga, Dave and Ashley stretched and strengthened their cores in pilates.  MatWorkz Pilates Studio believes in the power of movement to strengthen and heal the mind, body and spirit. This intense workout put them to the test.

Bites Around the World

Kat and Marquis hit up Tori Tori, a Japanese pub, created with a vision to mash-up a modern day cocktail bar with traditional Japanese pub food. Here you will find classic cocktails, grilled skewers over charcoal, and traditional small plates, all with a  big city vibe.

Dave and Ashley tried MX Taxo, a taco place that showcases the traditional flavors of Mexico. The tortillas are made from fresh ground corn and the menu has a map of where every taco comes from.  

Watch these Cheap Dates in Orlando in action and see who wins!

Who do you think is going to win it all and take home a gift card to a great local spot? Tune in to find out!
Can’t get enough of these great dates spots in Orlando?

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My Amazing Cheap Date Orlando


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