Stitch: A Father’s Love

LeeAnn Huntoon

LeeAnn Huntoon

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LeeAnn Huntoon

Dads are real-life superheroes. In this episode, we’ll show you stories from across the country on how fathers express their love and compassion.

Take a moment to enjoy these melodic moments focused on making music in your community.

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Some of the stories in this episode include: 

Dads Loving Lunch Notes Get Published

Dr. Chris Yandle started writing lunch notes to his daughter in 2017. He said he was looking for ways to motivate and inspire his daughter Addison. 690 Lunch notes later, the positive post-its are now a published book. Titled “Lucky Enough” the book includes a year of encouraging words and life lessons.

Family of Four and So Much More

Bowie and Cannon are already the best of friends. The two have so much in common. The biggest similarity…their parents. A.J. and Taylor Klein decided to adopt and found out they were pregnant days before receiving the call that would change their lives forever. A soon to be born baby boy was available for adoption. On January 25th 2019, Cannon James Klein was born.

Football Coach Provides Direction On and Off the Field

For over two decades coach skip Lamont has been molding the minds of students. As a football coach, he’s known for pushing his players to the limit. Dispight that firm spirit, this father of four girls has opened his home to young men in need. Coach skip and his family have had up to a dozen students living with them for months if not years at a time. For coach Skip, it was a sacrifice he was willing to make to help provide a better life for those in need.

Daddy Daughter Duo Shares a Passion for Martial Arts

You’ve heard of a daddy-daughter dance, but this is something else entirely. Abby Westbrooks and her dad Mike dance to a different beat. A shared passion thanks to a shared love of Martial Arts movies. After two years of collecting titles and trophies, Mike’s competitive career was almost cut short due to a stroke. After a miraculous recovery, Mike won two world titles in Buffalo while dealing with depth perception issues due to the stroke. Father and daughter both qualified to represent team U.S.A in the World Karate Championships.

Dads in Baltimore Clean Up the City

These men are doing more than just cleaning up the Jewitt Heights neighborhood. They’re coming together as fathers to help their community, their children, and one another. Micheal Cornish founded the “Dads United Organization” or DUO while searching for resources as he was trying to get custody of his son. DUO offers men a place where they can learn from one another. Aside from doing events with their children, DUO hosts free events in the community and regular clean-ups to rid the streets and alleys of trash.

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What is Stitch?

Stitch shares heartwarming and inspiring stories from around the country, stitching together the fabric of America. From inspiring tales of perseverance to good Samaritans helping neighbors to trailblazers improving their communities, Stitch showcases the feel-good and do-good that make up our American story. 

Watch the full episode of Stitch: Food and how it connects us on the Very Local app or on the Very Local YouTube page.

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