Stitch: Animals

Mary Staes

Mary Staes

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Mary Staes

From perfect pets to prize-winning livestock, animals are a big part of our lives, giving support, connection, and companionship. In this episode of Stitch see how the animals in our lives connect us.

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Some of the stories in this episode include: 

Puppy with a Purpose

WBAL’s Jennifer Franciotti went to Pennsylvania to meet “Raven” and her veteran Mat who are proving their bond can overcome even the most bitter of rivalries.

Life’s a Zoo

The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore is launching some new animal experiences this week that will give zoo-goers a chance to get behind the scenes with the possibility of feeding some of the animals, too.

A New Way To Relax

With so much going on in the world, you might be looking for a mental health break. Why not try a farm in Baltimore County where you can cuddle with goats!

It’s fun the Strohmer family wants to share. As third-generation farmers, they have just about everything running around their 100-acre farm in Woodstock.

An Unexpected Friend

It’s understandable to think that state wildlife officials may raid the home of someone illegally harboring a wild animal like a deer or a fox. But what about a possum?

A Dog’s Day Spa

A new business in Birmingham’s Lakeview District is all about pampering your pooch. It’s called Humphrey’s Dog Resort and it was opened to help make boarding and daycare more like a vacation for your precious pets! Customers can spring for suites featuring orthopedic bedding, Puppy TV, daily housekeeping, and access to an outdoor courtyard. Humphrey’s even has a spa facility for baths, pampering, and grooming.

Fiddler on the River

WVTM 13 Chronicle executive producer Lisa Crane treks through the woods on a hunt for the perfect spot to fiddle up some worms!

Bred to Stand Out

Youth competitors took center stage at the Pennsylvania Farm Show’s sale of champions. It was the culmination of a year’s worth of work for the kids, and some really found ways to shine.

On The Farm

If there’s one thing our viewers can agree on across the country, it’s their love for farm animals. Goats, chickens, cows, lambs– they love them all.

Not Just a Bear

Patients with dementia and memory issues could soon have a new way to connect. Cue Teddy is a teddy bear that not only talks but listens. It engages with individuals with memory disorders. Cue Teddy is the brainchild of Dr. Roger Nelson. The retired physical therapist’s family dealt with dementia, and he saw a need that wasn’t being met.

Turkeys Gone Wild

Residents in one Wauwatosa neighborhood say turkey attacks of delivery drivers have become an almost daily occurrence. People in the Glenview Heights neighborhood say at night, the birds will often roost in a tree, but during the day, they’re invading the backyards and streets, and for some reason, often launching aggressive attacks on delivery drivers and their vehicles.

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Watch the full episode of Stitch: Food and how it connects us on the Very Local app or on the Very Local YouTube page.

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