Stitch: Community

LeeAnn Huntoon

LeeAnn Huntoon

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LeeAnn Huntoon

It’s our responsibility to make sure our communities thrive by uniting and giving back. Come with us across the country to Baltimore, Louisville, and Florida to see what stitches us together as a community.

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Some of the stories in this episode include: 

A Winning Combinations

In this Baltimore community, young boxers learn that there is always someone in their corner. The youth members at Corner Team in Baltimore not only focus on physical fitness but also on the strength of their community. The youth group meets four days a week and tackles different labors of love. Over 30 children participate in the free after-school and summer program learning new skills including cooking classes and sprucing up the neighborhood.

Hearts of Gold

Heart Smiles, the non-profit youth organization in Baltimore focuses on creating sustainable change for the young people in the neighborhood. The youth group builds up young people as leaders and entrepreneurs. Heart Smiles founder Joni Holifield works with the kids to help them find jobs, internships, and mentors in their desired field of interest.

Let’s Grow!

This running group in Baltimore provides more to its members than just a running buddy. The grassroots community organization uses running as a platform to unify the black community. Their slogan, “Let’s Grow.” speaks volumes about the Black Running Organizations’ focus. The group encourages all experience levels to join “B.R.O” on its unity run every Saturday morning.

Grandmother’s Love

Mary Goatley “Granny Mary” says her work is just an extension of love. This cool granny is a member of the foster grandparent program in Louisville. Her love for education is the driving force for why she shows up to Englehard Elementry every day to help propel her kids forward. When the school day is over Granny Mary picks up her own grandchildren and watches them until their parents finish with work.

The Open Door Policy

One teacher’s open door policy is helping students open up. Students at Fairdale High School in Louisville, never hesitate to take advantage of Teacher Ava Bartlett’s open-door policy. Whether it’s to grab a quick snack, a change of clothes, hygiene products, or to vent about their frustrations. The resource center she runs is there to provide her students and their families with the services they need. Including housing and job assistance.

A Sure Home Run

Florida non-profit WeFam United uses baseball basics as building blocks for life on and off the field. The passion project of Altamonte Springs native and Major League Baseball player Jamile Weeks, the sports organization shares the focus of traditional school studies plus exercises in social and emotional awareness. Throughout the year WEFAM works with local churches to feed the homeless and also run a year-round homework assistance program.

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Watch the full episode of Stitch: Food and how it connects us on the Very Local app or on the Very Local YouTube page.

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