Stitch: Food and How it Connects Us

LeeAnn Huntoon

LeeAnn Huntoon

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LeeAnn Huntoon

On this episode, come with us across the country as we show you what stitches us together. In this case, it’s food and how it connects us. Whether it’s at a dinner table, a community staple restaurant or a local food bank, there are countless ways that food can create lasting memories in our lives.

Take a moment to enjoy these delectable stories that will feed your soul.

Some of the stories in this episode include: 

Families in Need Find Generosity and a Taste of Home

Zuli Garcia started a food pantry during the pandemic to provide donations and food to those in need in the Latin community. Latino Knock & Drop  provides comfort beyond food with fresh food, a hot meal, and more. 

Neighborhood Farm Shares Fresh Produce and Information

An Iowa mom of three helps families in her community with food insecurity. Sweet Tooth Farm provides fresh produce and good food for anyone who needs it. The Des Moines community farm hosts weekly events every wednesday in Summer and Fall.  

Dairy Farm Provides a Hands-On Experience

This bed and breakfast just outside of Clarksville provides a quiet space and a full farm experience. At New Day Dairy lets you take on the task of being a farmer. Get a close-up introduction to the family of cows and to “Rita” the milking robot. If you’re lucky you may get to name a newborn calf. 

Matriarchs Continue a 100 Year-Old Family Tradition

Teresa’s Italian Dining has been in the family and feeding the locals for over a century. The atmosphere and food are what keep customers coming back. From homemade Lasagna and Eggplant parmesan and the world-famous minestrone soup, (or Italian penicillin) is the cure for what ales you. 

Sacramento Food Truck Delivers Unique Flavor

This married couple from South San Francisco made the move to Sacramento to open their own food truck. Ahuevo Foods serves Peruvian Mexican fusion dishes you can’t find anywhere else. Since the couple opened up shop in 2016 they say it’s been important for them to share their heritage and make lasting connections with each bite. 

A Taste of Argentina

Born and raised in Argentina, the owner of Che’s Urban Eats shares a taste of home with his community. What started as a small pop tent selling empanadas has since grown. The latin community in Sacramento helped spread the word of Che’s business that sells an average of 400-500 empanadas in just one day. 

Students Provide Produce for Classmates and Faculty in Need

The fresh market in Olympia High School distributes more than just food. It  provides hope to students and faculty in need. Simply take what you need for yourself and your family. No questions asked. 

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What is Stitch?

Stitch shares heartwarming and inspiring stories from around the country, stitching together the fabric of America. From inspiring tales of perseverance to good Samaritans helping neighbors to trailblazers improving their communities, Stitch showcases the feel-good and do-good that make up our American story. 

Watch the full episode of Stitch: Food and how it connects us on the Very Local app or on the Very Local YouTube page.

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