Stitch: Love Stories

LeeAnn Huntoon

LeeAnn Huntoon

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LeeAnn Huntoon

Love is all around us. When you take the time to look you’ll realize there are heartwarming stories everywhere. In this episode of “Stitch: Love” come with us across the country to see what stitches us together.

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Some of the stories in this episode include: 

Never Stop Dating

Meet a couple from New Orleans whose bond is just as strong as the day they met. It was love at first sight when Richard met Susan in the early 1980s. Her beauty immediately caught his attention, but Susan had her reservations. His persistence finally paid off. Being an interracial couple wasn’t easy, even in the 80s. But nothing in the world could stop these two lovebirds from making a commitment to each other.

The Praline Queen

Her energy was unmatched. Whether she was talking about her children or pastries. Loved ones gathered to remember the Praline Queen Loretta Harrison after she lost her battle with breast cancer. Her passion and her love for her family are what gave her life purpose. She was the first African American woman to own and operate her own praline company in New Orleans. Loretta’s Authentic Pralines has two successful locations that have been open for over 35 years. It wasn’t always easy but Loretta Harrison persevered and paved the way for others.

A Chance Reunion

Sam Ron’s home is covered in photos of his family before and after the Holocaust. He survived 5 concentration camps. Sam has lived in South Florida for over 25years and has become the honorary speaker at an event hosted by the Holocaust Memorial Museum. There were other Holocaust survivors at the event including Jack Waksal. When Jack saw Sam he knew he looked familiar. Jack was also a prisoner at the Pionki concentration camp and worked alongside Sam. The two men hadn’t seen each other in 79years.

It All Starts With Edna

Sometimes it just takes one person to change a life. Edna has become that person for students in the Palm Beach county area. Great lives get started after school at the Edna W. Runner Center. Edna Runner went to a segregated school in Palm Beach County in the 1950s. She had her own way of dealing with the racism she faced from an adult that inspired her. The racism she faced didn’t stop her from following her path of getting her teaching degree. Now she provides love, support, after-school activities, and tutoring at her own center. The children really love Mrs. Edna.

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What is Stitch?

Stitch shares heartwarming and inspiring stories from around the country, stitching together the fabric of America. From inspiring tales of perseverance to good Samaritans helping neighbors to trailblazers improving their communities, Stitch showcases the feel-good and do-good that make up our American story. 

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