Stitch: Making Music

LeeAnn Huntoon

LeeAnn Huntoon

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LeeAnn Huntoon

Whether you play an instrument, or just love to listen, music provides a source of joy. From kids chasing their dreams to grandparents passing on what they know to the next generation, music is more than just a melody. In this episode we’ll show you how making music stitches us together.

Take a moment to enjoy these melodic moments focused on making music in your community.

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Some of the stories in this episode include: 

Meet a Police Officer with a Song in His Heart

No one new officer Marc Guillermo could sing until he arrested a man caught on home surveilance checking door handles in a Rocklin neighborhood. The thief was found with several stolen items including a ukulele. Officer Guillermo shocked his coworkers when he slightly tuned the instrument and began to play. Originally from Hawaii, Guillermo said he wanted to show the softer side of law enforcement.

Music Producing Brothers Make Big Moves

Working with some of the biggest artists in the industry including Doja Cat and Ariana Grande, Darius and Dominic Logan have taken their talents to L.A. At ages 9 and 4 they sang the national anthem at a King’s game with their mother. Later they would take the stage at the their school, Capital Christian, and perform together imitating the Jackson 5. Now, the Grammy nominated duo doesn’t just produce music, they’re also singers and songwriters.

Using Music to Heal in a Way You Might Not Expect

After an unimaginable tragedy the Milwaukee Dancing Grannies are ready for their comeback after three members and a volunteer lost their lives in the Waukesha Christmas parade attack. With a toast to keep on dancing and with their guardian angels nearby, the Dancing Grannies stepped back out onto the parade route this time with over 20 new grannies in training.

Dual Talents Collide For Young Musician

Ever since the 1st grade, Brookfield native Jack O’Brian has been playing the violin.  Now a junior at Market University High School, Jack picked up another talent playing Basketball. Little did he know that both his passions would soon collide. Jack’s basketball coach asked him to play the national anthem on his violin before the game. After warm-ups and in his varsity uniform, Jack performed in front of his peers.

How a Social Worker is Using Trap Music to Heal People

Trap therapy is the brainchild of licensed clinical social worker and mental health expert Tarsha Wiggins. For Wiggins it’s all about meeting people where they are. She’s passionate about taking her practice out of the office and into the community often posting weekly mental minutes on social media. Tarsha Wiggins is hopeful that Trap Therapy can help end the stigma around mental health.

Orlando Hospital Employees Make Beautiful Music Together

During the pandemic, Advent Health employees decided they could always show people they care with music. Doctors, Nurses, and office workers pulled their talents together to launch the first Advent Health Orlando Orchestra. With only two rehearsals before their first performance. The concert was taped to honor those who have died during Covid. Now they share their music every chance they get. Music they hope lets people know they’re not alone.

Tiny Dancer From Orlando Takes Center Stage

Three year old Zoey, a tiny Irish Dancer has become a pint sized social media sensation after a video of her dancing went viral. Zoey’s love for dance started when the family went to a restaurant that featured Irish dancing. She now takes classes at Finnegan Academy of Irish Dance. At each performance you’ll see Zoey just dancing away.

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Watch the full episode of Stitch: Food and how it connects us on the Very Local app or on the Very Local YouTube page.

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