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See how teens from six U.S. high schools celebrated prom in a pandemic

By Lindsay Patross | October 3, 2021

From a parent-organized prom at a hotel ballroom to an outdoor prom, to one held at Heinz Field, Prom-ish captures this coming of age night and tells the story of a generation that has lived through the most challenging global health crisis in a lifetime.

Hometown Tragedy: Kara & Jessica

By Lindsay Patross | September 29, 2021

A Missouri community seeks answers when two young women disappear a decade apart.

Human Race by Runners World

By Lindsay Patross | September 28, 2021

Maker Nation: Woodworking & Miniatures 

By Lindsay Patross | September 27, 2021

Host Ashley Adams meets woodworker Ashley Basnight in Oklahoma and learns about miniatures from Lady Delaney in New Orleans.