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👟This week(end) in Pittsburgh: 26 miles of Pittsburgh history

Marathon weekend info & a marathon tour of some of Pittsburgh's favorite eats: The Pretzel Shop, a sandwich with Sebak & the Greek Food Festival

by Lindsay Patross | May 3, 2019

This weekend is the Pittsburgh Marathon. Thousands of runners will take to the streets for the road race. An equal number of Pittsburgh drivers will forget that it is marathon weekend and sit in their cars wondering about why the roads are closed.

We’ve put together a mile-by-mile guide to some of the sites along the route of the Pittsburgh Marathon. If you are a runner, a spectator or just driving through the city, we hope you will learn something new from this list of 26 Pittsburgh places.


🥨 WATCH: A Twisted Visit to the Pretzel Shop

Mile x on the marathon route goes right past The Pretzel Shop, a Pittsburgh institution that has been making pretzels since 1927 in a wood-fired oven. Take a moment to watch the video and check out some of the comments from longtime Pretzel Shop fans on our Facebook page.


🥪 EAT: A Sandwich with Sebak

Running or watching the marathon is sure to work up an appetite. We sat down for lunch with Rick Sebak at one of his favorite spots. Learn more about Emil’s fish sandwich and some of his current Pittsburgh favorites.


🍳 RSVP: Sunday, May 19 – Sunny Side Up Brunch

Just a quick reminder to buy your tickets for our special brunch pop-up with Pittsburgh Sandwich Society. Your ticket gets you brunch and a brunchy drink, as well as a sneak peek of this new outdoor food truck spot in Lawrenceville.


Friday // May 3

NEIGHBORHOOD – Garfield Night Market @ Unblurred on Penn Ave.

This monthly night market returns for the warmer weather. Stop by the marketplace for food and shopping on the first Friday of every month.


Saturday // May 4

VINTAGE – Tollgate Revival Grand Opening @ Braddock

Vintage/antique shop Tollgate Revival has moved from Lawrenceville to Braddock. Stop by to shop the new location and ship some beers.

HIKE – South Side Urban Hike @ Big Dog Coffee

Free guided walk up, down and all around the South Side Neighborhood.


Sunday // May 5

Marathon Sunday

POP-UP – Roundabout Brewery Beer Garden Season Opener @ 1836 Oxline St.

The location isn’t easy to find (don’t worry, we’ve got a map), but this beer garden is located right off the bike trail. La Palapa will be on the scene with tasty food.


Monday // May 6

FOOD – Cakes & Shakes: A Fundraiser for the Millvale Community Library @ Pamela’s P & G Diner

Have pancakes and a milkshake for dinner to support the free lunch program at the library this summer.


Tuesday // May 7

BEER – Strip District Grand Opening @ Cinderlands Beer Co.

The much-loved Lawrenceville brewery/restaurant is opening a new space in the Strip District.


Wednesday // May 8

FOOD – 58th Annual Greek Food Festival @ St. Nicholas Cathedral

This annual festival runs from Sunday, May 5 until May 11. The food is delicious and you will want to go more than once.


[Header photo: The 2nd-floor bar at the new Cinderlands location in the Strip District. Photo by Pat Hogan.]

Lindsay Patross

Lindsay Patross

Pittsburgh born and raised, Lindsay has been writing about the people who love Pittsburgh since 2008.

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