📩 Labor Day Weekend // goodbye summer, hello school year

and everything you need to know about glamping near Pittsburgh.

by Lindsay Patross | September 4, 2020

We’re saying goodbye to summer and hello to the new school year. We’ve got a roundup of summer beer news and an interview with an artist who has been painting murals around town. If you are looking for a new liqueur to try, say hello to this Italian amaro. But rest up this weekend because next week we are going back to school.

GLAMPING: Camping for those who don’t do camping
Fall is the perfect time for a camping, we mean a glamping trip. Take a tour of a glamping spot just two hours from Pittsburgh.

RECAP: A look back at some of our favorite summer beers
As we gear up for Labor Day weekend and look ahead to fall, here’s a quick look back…at summer. We rounded up six of our beer-related stories as an in-case-you-missed-it ode to Pittsburgh summertime brews.

SUPER PUNCH: Pittsburgh’s unique connection to Italy
Pittsburgh is the only U.S. city that imports Super Punch – a dark, Italian amaro. We take a deep dive into this viscous spirit and its unique ties to Western PA.

NEXT WEEK: Back to school with Very Local
Sharpen your pencils and grab your notebooks. The Very Local team is trying something a little fun – and a little quirky – to lean into an anything-but-normal back-to-chool season. From Sept. 8-14, each day of Very Local content will carry a school subject theme. Get ready for some home ec, phys ed, art, history and language lessons – Very Local style.

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Podcast: Chatting with artist Camo Customz

This week on the podcast, we get to know Camerin Nesbit – better known as Camo Customz. You’ve probably seen his vibrant, colorful murals all around town. We chat with the artist about being a Black artist in Pittsburgh and how he started out at the ground level – by literally adding intricate designs to his sneakers.

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ICYMI: Last Call for Summer

Marking the unofficial end of summer is Labor Day weekend. To round out the season, we gathered a handful of our summer-themed stories you may have missed.

🎥 Drive-In Theaters: A look at six drive-ins, all within a reasonable drive’s time from Pittsburgh.

🍦 Vegan Ice Cream: We shouted out Millie’s and Sugar Spell Scoops, along with a few other local faves.

🌊 Paddleboarding: We hosted Ian Smith on our podcast to walk us through the standup paddleboarding excursions he leads as part of SurfSUP Adventures.

🎢 Garfield’s Nightmare: A rare investigative piece for Very Local, we take a DEEP DIVE into an old Kennywood favorite.

🍓 Strawberry Pretzel Salad: Watch as chef Casey Renee invites us into her Swissvale home to whip up a lovely batch of strawberry pretzel salad.

Lindsay Patross

Lindsay Patross

Pittsburgh born and raised, Lindsay has been writing about the people who love Pittsburgh since 2008.

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