Now Open: 2 Sisters 2 Sons Caribbean in Sharpsburg

2 Sisters 2 Sons opened this week. They’re serving authentic Jamaican cuisine for takeout, so we tried their beef oxtail for lunch.

by Aadam Soorma | August 17, 2020

Fans of Caribbean food: after overcoming COVID-related construction delays, 2 Sisters 2 Sons is ready to serve you takeout.

Located at 1882 Main Street in Sharpsburg, 2 Sisters 2 Sons officially opened their doors on Monday, July 6. The family-run restaurant specializes in authentic Jamaican cuisine.

From Wilkinsburg to Sharpsburg

Prior to crossing the river, the restaurateurs were behind 3 Sisters Caribbean, located on Montier Street in Wilkinsburg. After nearly four years in the original location, they began encountering basement issues in their building.

Co-Owner Mike Brown decided on relaunching and found a good fit in the former Pug’s Tavern space, in Sharpsburg.

“Some of our earlier fans may remember us from Jerk Fest in Highland Park,” Brown explains. “People would come directly to our area and line up. It made me realize my mom and my aunt were onto something authentic and special.”

What’s on the Menu?

First time trying Caribbean food? No problem. Brown recommends starting with their jerk chicken.

“Our spicy jerk sauce is made fresh on the grill. You can get it right on top or on the side.” Brown continues: “Be sure to get sides. What we call ‘rice and peas’ is a Jamaican term; it’s basically rice with (kidney) beans – oh, and be sure to try our cabbage too.”

When I stopped in for takeout on Tuesday, I ordered the beef oxtail, which is fried and then cooked down in 2 Sisters 2 Sons’ brown sauce. It is recommended to get oxtail with a side of white rice.

Start to finish, the entire dining experience was incredible. Full disclosure, I’ve only had Caribbean cuisine a couple of times prior (in Homewood); 2 Sisters 2 Sons was a fantastic memory trigger to how flavorful and eclectic Jamaican food can be. I’ll definitely be back again soon and – Sharpsburg plug – I feel lucky to live three blocks from their digs.

Here’s a look at my heaping portion of beef oxtail with brown sauce and sides of cabbage and rice & peas.

Are there Vegetarian-Friendly Options?

Although the menu skews meat-centric, Brown assured me that their veggie options are all made to order and customizable.

“We recommend our curry tofu with a side of vegetables. Our cold salad with mashed potatoes is another option we’re launching with. As the menu changes and evolves, folks should check our Facebook and Instagram for specials and new menu items we plan to introduce.”

How Do I Place an Order from 2 Sisters 2 Sons?

For now, with COVID-related procedures changing week by week, Brown and his team have a few methods for ordering.

“You can call orders in via phone. Additionally, we’re all set up on GrubHub and we’ll be on Uber Eats in about a week.”

Brown continues: “Guests are always welcome to just drop in and place an order here at the counter. We should have your order ready in 15 to 20 minutes. If you order seafood, that is entirely made to order – expect 30 to 40 minutes on those items.”

Pro Tip: 2 Sisters 2 Sons has been doing everything in their wheelhouse to keep up with demand, but certain menu items CAN sell out – especially late in the day.

The Namesake

I had to ask – is the restaurant true to its name? 2 Sisters and 2 Sons?

“Well, it’s me and my mom. And my cousin and his mom. And yes – our moms are sisters.”

“Oh, and one last thing,” Brown says. “We just want to say thank you to the neighborhood of Sharpsburg. During our build out, every single day we were here, at least one person would stop in and say ‘We can’t wait for you to open.’ And that really lifted our spirits during these difficult times. We appreciate that.”

Know Before You Go: 2 Sisters 2 Sons

Location: 1882 Main St // Sharpsburg, PA 15215

Hours: Monday thru Saturday (11 am to 9 pm); Sunday (11 am to 6 pm)

Takeout for now; in the future, they will have counter side seating at the bar.

Parking: Street parking

Public Transit: For folks riding the bus, the 91 and 1 transit lines drop off directly in front of the restaurant.

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Facebook: 2 sisters 2 sons

Instagram: 2 sisters 2 sons

To order:

Say Hello to Sharpsburg

Located between Route 28 and the Allegheny River, this little borough has a riverfront park and several new businesses. Sharpsburg is home to both Hitchhiker & Dancing Gnome breweries. We are also looking forward to the new Redhawk Coffee shop, slated to open in downtown Sharpsburg later this summer.

Aadam Soorma

Aadam Soorma

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