Essence Fest sold out

2018 Essence Fest nightly concerts sold out online

Tickets may still be available online through ticket-selling sites like Stub Hub.

by Kiri Walton | July 7, 2018

Anyone wishing to buy tickets to one of the remaining nights of the 2018 Essence Fest concerts won’t be able to purchase them online directly from Ticketmaster.

All tickets are sold out online. Although, Ticketmaster’s site does display a message that tickets may be available at the box office. We also found that tickets are being sold online through third-party vendors, like Stub Hub. Currently, the lowest-priced tickets we found on Stub Hub for Saturday night’s concerts are $255.

Essence Entertainment Director Cori Murray told us during a media luncheon in May that this year was on track to be the biggest Essence Festival in the mammoth festival’s 24-year history.

Looks like all predictions were right.

During the same luncheon, Murray said that hotels were quickly filling to capacity and ticket sales were soaring. She credited the 2017 summer blockbuster, “Girls Trip” for the enormous boost.

Lt. Gov. Billy Nungesser said that 9 percent of the tourists who visit our state come because of something they saw about it in television or in film.

“‘Girls Trip’ absolutely! Let me tell you, there’s people staying in Baton Rouge this week, driving in, because they couldn’t get a hotel for under $1,000 in New Orleans so it’s an incredible turnout for this year,” Nungesser said.

“If one more person asks me, ‘Where’s the zipline on Bourbon Street?’ So, Mayor, that movie had an incredible impact on this event, on New Orleans and on the state of Louisiana,” he said.

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Kiri Walton

Kiri Walton

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