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73 Distilling’s spirits pay homage to New Orleans neighborhoods

In the Iberville, 73 Distillery has rum, vodka, whiskey and bourbon (of course) but with a local twist.

by Mary Staes | June 10, 2019

If there’s one thing New Orleans likes, it’s our drinks. Tales of the Cocktail is an entire festival devoted to spirits, and the city has more than 20 different craft breweries in the city.

In the Iberville neighborhood, 73 Distilling Company has rum, vodka, whiskey and bourbon (of course) but with a local twist.

“Our name comes from the 73 neighborhoods of New Orleans, and that is reflected in the bottles of each of our spirits,” said Tristan Johnson, general manager. “St. Roch vodka, Gentilly gin, Irish Channel whiskey, Marigny moonshine, our most recent Black Pearl rum, and the still-in-barrels Bywater bourbon. Who knows, there may be others at some point.”

Johnson said they try to connect the history of the neighborhood with the spirit, but sometimes, the alliteration is just too good to pass up.

“With something like the Irish Channel whiskey, it’s a blend of a three-year Irish and 10-year American whiskey,” he said. “So, really it felt so appropriate, thinking of the Irish Channel neighborhood, founded by Irish immigrants to have an Irish American blend to the whiskey. And then we bring that French American influence into it by finishing it in cognac barrels, so that quality is very pronounced, as well.”

Johnson said locally sourced ingredients are also an important part of the process.

“Our Marigny moonshine is distilled in house from scratch with Louisiana rice,” he said. “Black Pearl rum is made from A-grade molasses from Louisiana mills and fermented here on-site. Our Bywater bourbon is made with Louisiana wheat and corn distilled here on-site.”

The distillery offers daily tours that, of course, include tasting the liquors. It also offers a history of the neighborhood and the company, and a close-up look at the barrels and distillation process.

Partnering with different organizations and festivals also helps 73 get its name in the community.

“Being able to give back is very important to us,” Johnson said. “We can be found at events large and small, contributing everything from auction items to providing full bars.”

Can’t find your neighborhood in the lineup? Don’t worry, there are plans to add on to the existing line.

“We’re looking to start expanding our distribution,” Johnson said. “We’re throughout Louisiana right now, and we’re looking at a few additional markets, including Mississippi and California. We’re looking forward to finishing that vision of a full line of spirits representing the city.”

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Mary Staes

Mary Staes

Mary Staes is Digital Content Lead for Very Local. She works with our freelancers and crafts content for our social media platforms and website. Before Very Local, she worked with CBS affiliate WWL-TV as a web producer and weekend assignment editor for about 4 years. She has also handled broadcast coverage for 160 Marine Reserve training facilities while she served as an active duty Marine. As a native New Orleanian, she takes being "very local" to heart. She loves being intertwined with the culture and figuring out how there are less than two degrees of separation between us all, whether we're natives or not.

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