Now Open: Acrospire Brewing in Glenshaw

A first for Glenshaw, Acrospire is offering guests free beer samples and growler fills for purchase from a hand-built industrial brewery space.

by Aadam Soorma | February 18, 2020

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Pittsburgh’s newest brewery is now open in Glenshaw.

Located at 1650 Butler Plank Rd, you can visit Acrospire Brewing for beer samples and growler fills in an industrial manufacturing space that puts the CRAFT in craft beer.

“We’re really easing into this,” explains Eric Truscott, one of the managing partners at Acrospire. “The one thing to know if you’re coming to visit – we spent a lot of time building (and crafting) our space – literally by hand.”

A Space for Sampling Beer

Walk into Acrospire and you’ll note that this is a brewery – a space that’s set up to brew beer. Whereas a conventional taproom may serve guests a pint (or full glass) of draft beer, Acrospire is not outfitted to sell or serve beer in a bar setting.

“We’re a small scale brewery with a small counter where folks can come in and do one of two things: try a sample of our beer or buy a growler fill for carry out.”

That being said – guests are welcome to sample everything on the menu. Visitors can either purchase a growler on-site or bring their own and Acrospire will happily fill it. Growlers are meant for off-site consumption only.

“We do plan to have a taproom at some point in the future,” says Truscott. “We don’t want to grow too fast. Our plan is to start slow and scale up when the time is right.”

ABV, volume LV

Focusing on Traditional Styles of Beer

As of Saturday, Feb 15 – you can head to the brewery for a sample OR growler fill of the following beers. Acrospire’s most updated beer menus can be found on their website. It should be noted that two of Acrospire’s four debut beers sold out on opening weekend (see below).

Amber Ale // 5.8% ABV // amber

Oat Honey Ale // 6.1% ABV // ale // (TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE)

Oatmeal Stout // 6.1% ABV // stout


By focusing on traditional flavors and styles, Acrospire says they’re not interested in going after trendy or gimmicky styles.

“We are basically brewing all ales and that’s what folks can expect for now,” explains Truscott. “Our goal is to venture into lagers soon. Our brewmaster Greg likes higher gravity stuff, so expect to see a Belgian, an imperial or a double here soon too.”

The Acrospire team plans to brew more beer and replenish their supply very soon.

What does Acrospire mean?

The exact definition for Acrospire comes from science and can be found on the brewery’s website.

“When a grain starts to sprout its seed, that is the Acrospire,” explains Truscott. “Our partner Greg – the brewmaster – is a chemist by trade. He’s also a real beer geek and came up with the name and it just kinda stuck.”

Crafting a Building Inside a Building

The “building inside a building” description is pretty much spot-on accurate. The Acrospire team took a corner of an industrial structure and built a 1.5 BBL brewery from the ground up.

“We poured the concrete. We built the brew deck and platforms. We erected the beams and hung the drywall. This isn’t some former restaurant or abandoned space – for us, this was a process of CRAFTING a place to make craft beer,” says Truscott.

Acrospire Brewing
Acrospire was entirely built inside a larger industrial building. Photo: Acrospire Brewing

Know Before You Go: Acrospire Brewing

Acrospire Brewing is the only brewery in Glenshaw. They are open one day a week (every Saturday).

Location: 1650 Butler Plank Road, Glenshaw, PA, 15116

Hours: Saturdays from 2pm to 8pm // look for Friday hours in the future

Parking: Cross over a small bridge into the industrial complex Acrospire resides in and look for their sign. All parking is free in their lot.

Bus / Transit: There’s really no convenient bus option here. Best bet is to drive or grab a rideshare.

Pro Tip: Make a whole day out of your trip to Acrospire and hit up Boyd & Blair to try some award-winning local vodka. Boyd & Blair is located at 1101 William Flynn Hwy, just two miles south of Acrospire.

Acrospire Brewing
The brewing area inside the recently completed Acrospire Brewing. Photo: Acrospire Brewing

“We’re just excited to be in the Pittsburgh brewing community. We have high expectations for ourselves and we are proud of our product and we have heard great things about the beer community so we want to be more active in the beer community.”

Acrospire Brewing Company
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1650 Butler Plank Rd, Glenshaw, PA 15116, USA
Mon-Thu Closed
Fri 5 – 9 PM
Sat 1 – 9 PM
Sun Closed
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