Burke Bischoff

Burke Bischoff is our Freelance/Contributing Writer. A hardworking writer and editor, he has had numerous stories featured in many different local publications such as Where Y’at Magazine, nola.com and The Maroon Newspaper.

He also worked on various WYES-TV productions for five years. He has a deep love for the Westbank, trying new food, experiencing different cultures and sharing interesting stories with everyone he meets.

The History behind Tet Fest, how to celebrate in New Orleans

By Burke Bischoff / February 1, 2022

With Vietnam sharing the same humid climate and French/Catholic historical roots as New Orleans, these new Vietnamese-Americans were able to quickly integrate into the local culture. Despite this assimilation, the local Vietnamese population still holds on to a number of traditions and practices from their heritage.

Sicily meets Révellion: The Feast of Seven Fishes

By Burke Bischoff / December 12, 2019

To celebrate the holiday season with a distinct Italian flair, Avo restaurant is putting on its 5th annual Feast of the Seven Fishes dinners.

When New Orleans Had Two Chinatowns

By Burke Bischoff / December 2, 2019

One existed on Tulane Avenue and the other existed on Bourbon Street.

Gretna Farmers Market: fresh food, treats, art made with love

By Burke Bischoff / October 7, 2019

If you don’t mind taking a trip across the Crescent City Connection, give Gretna’s Farmers Market a visit. You’ll find fresh food, treats and art made with love, and people who are always happy to see you there. 

Japan Fest brings thousands together to celebrate culture at the Museum of Art

By Burke Bischoff / September 30, 2019

Japan Fest is not only the largest celebration of Japanese culture in New Orleans, but also the Gulf South for over 20 years.

The East goes to the Westbank: the diverse spectrum of Asian cuisine across the river

By Burke Bischoff / August 21, 2019

While most people in New Orleans can only really name one or two Asian restaurants on the Westbank (most of the time being 9 Roses), rest assured there are many fantastic dining options featuring a diverse spectrum of Asian cultures across the river.