David Rosner

David began writing professionally for local newspapers outside of Boston, Massachusetts, where he grew up. Much of his published work for local publications Community Advocate and Hopkinton Independent revolved around 501(c)(3) organizations focusing on childhood cancer and epilepsy awareness. David experienced the deep sense of satisfaction that comes with being published. To this day, being a writer fuels his curiosity and fulfills his innate drive to be creative. After writing for local newspapers, he began to write product review articles for Nexstar Media Group, Inc., where his work was published to FOX, ABC, and CBS, among other networks. David joined Hearst Television at the very end of 2021, where he will be covering the City of Boston for the broadcasting company’s community driven publication, Very Local. More recently, David became a Food and Dining Feature Writer for Static Media’s Tasting Table.

David received his Bachelor of Arts in history and geography from the University of Vermont in 2018; was a graduate student in Framingham State University's Master of Education program from 2018-2019; and completed psychology graduate coursework at Salem State University in 2021. Despite his formal education being in various fields; research, analysis, and writing have all been major themes in his educational pursuits.

Against all odds: A nineteenth-century Irish woman’s uncredited contribution to cancer research in a male-dominated era

By David Rosner / March 4, 2022

Marcella Imelda O’Grady managed to successfully pursue her passion for science despite the world, and the field as a whole, being dominated by men.

The incarcerated in pursuit of reform: Inmates of the Charles Street Jail

By David Rosner / January 31, 2022

Now the luxurious Liberty Hotel, the Charles Street Jail was home to notable inmates who pushed for change.

How a chance encounter created America’s first chocolate mill

By David Rosner / January 31, 2022

Baker Chocolate Company is Lower Mills is home to America’s first chocolate mill.