Diana hernandez

Diana is a New Orleans-based PR Strategist & Event Manager, who brings more than 13 years of marketing, public relations, media, journalism, communications and event planning experience. As often as possible, Diana shows her love to her friends and family through epic, authentic meals that keep the memory of her Filipino and Vietnamese homelands alive. Her favorite holidays are Mardi Gras and Halloween, because of the grand opportunity to craft creative, sparkly costumes and to celebrate life with the city she loves.

Top 5-04: Where Boba Tea is Bountiful

By Diana Hernandez / January 12, 2022

Classic boba tea consists of four main components: tapioca pearls, tea (usually black tea), milk, and a sweetener, traditionally a brown sugar syrup.

A neighborhood guide on where to get pho in New Orleans

By Diana Hernandez / June 1, 2021

Pho is comfort food. Flavorful broth, vegetables and an endless choice of proteins are available — here’s when you can get pho in New Orleans.