James Cullen

Photojournalist Ted Jackson shares decades of memories, friendships found through the lens

By James Cullen / December 2, 2021

From a AP award-winning look at the Desire projects to the chronicle of a two-time Super Bowl player finding himself homeless and on drugs, in his thirty-three and a half years at The Times-Picayune, Ted Jackson has seen a lot.

Breast cancer survivor Terione Brock’s pharmacy treats mind, body, soul

By James Cullen / January 6, 2021

In 2019, Terione Brock opened Absolute Health and Wellness to fill a void — a Black-owned, community-based pharmacy. In addition to pharmaceuticals, she will often recommend homeopathic remedies for her clients. Her goal is to facilitate wellness and remove barriers to good health, whether they are physical, emotional, spiritual or economic. 

From bartending to beekeeping: Raw Honey’s journey to the sweet life

By James Cullen / November 11, 2020

Pre-pandemic, Travis Thompson bartended at one of the city’s famous burger joints. Now he tends something different, beehives used to make Raw Honey, a true labor of love for the former food industry worker.

Seeds of Success in the Lower 9: BLucid Floral Continues to Grow

By James Cullen / November 2, 2020

BLucid Floral is all about the vibe. With soft, peach-toned walls and pops of color everywhere, accented by artwork from Courtney “Ceaux” Buckley, photographs by Ashley Lorraine, and of course, flowers everywhere. The Ninth Ward shop is owned by Black florist Brandi Charlot.

Reinventing a Tradition: Dooky Chase’s Restaurant and Holy Thursday during COVID-19

By James Cullen / April 6, 2020

Holy Thursday 2020 was going to be different for Stella Chase Reese and Dooky Chase’s Restaurant, but she never anticipated how different. It was a change that, in some regards, started on Holy Thursday the year before.

Making Groceries: Simple strategies, meal ideas for difficult times

By James Cullen / March 18, 2020

So you have to stay home but you’re not sure what groceries to buy or what to even cook. We’ve got you (and your pots) covered.

St. Joseph’s Night in the time of the coronavirus: Black Masking Culture adapts, endures

By James Cullen / March 17, 2020

This St. Joseph’s Night there will be no noise. No call and response or tambourines ringing.

Preparers of the Feast: behind the St. Joseph’s Day altar of the oldest African\American Catholic church in the country

By James Cullen / March 14, 2020

David Roe and Joe Fontana nourish bodies and souls on St. Joseph’s Day, preparing the St. Joseph’s Day altar for the oldest African American church in the country, St. Augustine.

Flag Boy Gizmo’s suit honors N.O. culture, legends like 5th Ward Weebie

By James Cullen / March 14, 2020

This year’s suit, which Gizmo Hartley calls “The Ancestor Suit” tells the story of New Orleans hip-hop culture while celebrating the legends who left us too soon.

Let the joint burn down: Al ‘Carnival Time’ Johnson talks about his Mardi Gras anthem

By James Cullen / February 13, 2020

Most musicians hope to stay relevant for twenty years. Johnson, who is eighty, has been in the game since he was a boy in the Lower Ninth Ward. He’s the voice behind one of Mardi Gras’ most famous songs, ‘Carnival Time.’