Lissa Brennan

Lissa Brennan is a writer and theater artist based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; working and studying all over the world. She's interested in just about everything but even more so if it's baseball, dogs, street art, Spanish wine, film noir, or screwball comedy.

She loves to write about visual art, solo travel, and the history of labor, and is currently working on plays about Francesco Goya and the Homestead Strike and a collection of essays inspired by a recent visit to French Polynesia.

Self-guided walking tour of Oakland neighborhood history and art

By Lissa Brennan / August 25, 2020

From sculpture to sports, there is a lot of history you can explore in Oakland without stepping foot into a museum or library.

Take A Self-Guided Walking Tour of Downtown Pittsburgh

By Lissa Brennan / May 25, 2020

Our self-guided walking tour of downtown can (safely) get you outside and amongst several Pittsburgh landmarks while enjoying a breath of fresh air.