Noah Ingram

Tips if you’ve got less than a green thumb from Treme gardening expert Ms. Gloria

By Noah Ingram / December 16, 2019

Before I embark on my last-ditch effort at finding my green thumb, I turned to Ms. Gloria for wisdom on all things gardening and wrote down her advice so I wouldn’t forget.

Q&A: How a bet led local comic Shaddy Feel Good to Comedy Central

By Noah Ingram / November 8, 2019

Local comedian Shaddy Feel Good is putting his stake down on the national comedy scene and is on the cusp of becoming a household name.

Elite Nola League brings New Orleans’ most talented basketball players together in one place

By Noah Ingram / August 19, 2019

The league is made up of 16 teams chock full of hometown heroes, local legends, NBA talent, and players who will soon go back to play professionally overseas.

Back Then: “Mr. Wedding Cake” and Lawrence’s Bakery on Elysian Fields

By Noah Ingram / August 16, 2019

This legendary and beloved bakery started with a butcher who would eventually scheme, dodge death, hustle and work his way up to becoming known throughout the Greater New Orleans area as “Mr. Wedding Cake.”

Heavenly Sweets carries on as the “Everlasting Bakery” on Elysian Fields and Filmore

By Noah Ingram / August 16, 2019

Trinise Prosper clearly remembers looking forward to Sundays when her mother would take her and the whole family to Lawrence’s Bakery on the corner of Elysian Fields and Fillmore. Little did she know, she’d be carrying on a baking tradition in the exact same spot years later.

More than just bread: breaking barriers at Levee Baking Company

By Noah Ingram / August 5, 2019

Not only does Christina Balzebre put a lot of effort into making her space welcoming for her customers, but she also prides herself on creating an environment where her staff feels comfortable.

Bananas, Baleadas, and the Big Easy: New Orleans’ ties to Honduras

By Noah Ingram / August 1, 2019

New Orleans happens to be home to one of the largest Honduran populations in the United States, so there’s a good chance there’s delicious baleada just around the corner from you.

Local food truck owner starts new fest aimed at fighting the stigma of mental health issues

By Noah Ingram / July 26, 2019

The Get Ya Mind Right festival plans to bring New Orleans together to do what we do best – eat great food, enjoy live music, cool down with a snowball, and care for one another – all while breaking down these obstacles that prevent minorities from seeking mental health services.

7th Ward mural chronicles one family’s ‘Epic Journey’, pays homage to an unsung hero

By Noah Ingram / July 2, 2019

“I know he saved those kids’ lives because they were grazed by the bullets,” said Leonard. “But to this day, no official from the city, no police, not really even the news, have ever recognized what he did. So I wanted to do something that would help his legacy live on.”

Torshi brings authenticity from Cairo to the Crescent City

By Noah Ingram / June 7, 2019

Great food comes from great people.