Tom Mayer

Tom Mayer grew up in New Orleans, but didn't actually grow up at all. He much prefers spending time with young people in this city which is why he has been working in youth development for the past five years. He is most passionate about traveling off the beaten path and discovering new favorite foods and bands. He will happily throw a frisbee around if asked.

An open love letter to Café Reconcile: great food, people, mission

By Tom Mayer / August 19, 2019

A powerful mission of positive change, a tight-knit family, and a bananas Foster bread pudding that will put you to sleep in your chair. What more could you ask for?

#GetOuttaTown: Make a day (or weekend) out of Ship Island

By Tom Mayer / June 12, 2019

Ship Island is a great destination for families, friends, couples, or solo travelers who want a beautiful beach experience without straying all the way to Alabama or Florida.