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Very Local NOLA makes it easier to love New Orleans better, to love New Orleans more, to love New Orleans fully by connecting you to the people, events, food, culture and entertainment that make the Crescent City incomparable.

Steppin’ Aht: A Tour of Pittsburgh’s City Steps

By Very Local Staff / January 5, 2022

Whether you’re looking to get out of the house in a COVID-19-safe manner, meet a New Year’s fitness goal, or just explore Pittsburgh, a climb up your local city steps is a great way to shake off the winter blues

Guide to the Pittsburgh Rib Fest @ Heinz Field

By Very Local Staff / September 2, 2021

Heading to the Heinz Field Kickoff and Rib Festival? Here’s a list of rib vendors, live music performances and everything to know before you go.

The Ultimate New Orleans Whiskey Drinking Wish List

By Very Local Staff / June 2, 2021

If there’s one thing the VLNOLA team can agree on, it’s whiskey. From Crown Royal to Jack to Jameson, we’re here for it. So when it came to a list for the whiskey drinkers, it was almost TOO easy. Here are some great gifts for you or the whiskey lover in your life.

COVID-19 vaccination

Here’s how to get your COVID-19 vaccination in New Orleans

By Very Local Staff / March 29, 2021

On March 29, anyone over the age of 16 can get a COVID-19 vaccination. If you’re looking for where to get vaccinated, here are some options.

Valentine's Day

Last-minute guide to celebrating Valentine’s Day in New Orleans (2021)

By Very Local Staff / February 12, 2021

Carnival doesn’t get you off the hook for celebrating Valentine’s Day

Got a mini master chef? Here are some things for the adorable cook in your life.

By Very Local Staff / September 29, 2020

One of the best things to start teaching children early is how to cook. From something simple like grilled cheese to fancy fare like salmon — a child who knows their way around the kitchen won’t ever go hungry.

It’s wine time: check out these cool up-cycled wine bottles

By Very Local Staff / September 24, 2020

Whether you enjoy a basic moscato or a robust cabernet, here’s what we found to celebrate your favorite kick back and chill drink. Everything on this list not only celebrates wine, but is green-friendly with up-cycled glass bottles taking center stage.

Show off your plants babies and hard work with these unique planters

By Very Local Staff / September 24, 2020

Being a plant parent is a point of pride. It means you’re patient, attentive, and like beautiful things. We found these unique planters to show off your gorgeous hard work and keep your plants happy with a beautiful and unique home.

Football season is here! Here’s how to celebrate the Who Dat Nation, if we can’t go to games.

By Very Local Staff / September 11, 2020

For the start of the season, we can’t be inside of the Superdome because of social distancing, but there are still great ways to celebrate the boys in Black and Gold.

Pumpkin Spice is our favorite season! Here are some things to celebrate!

By Very Local Staff / September 1, 2020

What is fall? It’s pumpkin spice season! It’s never too early to get into the spirit — in fact, let’s be honest, it should be all year long.