Wes Shonk

Wes Shonk has worked at Hidden Harbor, Butcher & The Rye, and Wigle Whiskey. He is currently developing a cocktail business in Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh eggnog

A guide to making eggnog (& where to find eggnog in Pittsburgh)

By Wes Shonk / December 20, 2021

Tips on how to make eggnog from an expert plus where to find pre-made eggnog in Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh Eggnog

A Pittsburghers guide to eggnog (& where to find takeout ‘nog)

By Wes Shonk / December 22, 2020

Time to whip those eggs into a cocktail

A guide to made-In-Pittsburgh vodkas

By Wes Shonk / December 8, 2020

Pull up a (parking) chair and learn more about three vodkas that are made right here in Pittsburgh.

Wes Shonk

Pittsburgh bartender Wes Shonk on how to make (better) cocktails at home

By Wes Shonk / September 8, 2020

Pittsburgh bartender Wes Shonk has probably served you a cocktail during his stints at Hidden Harbor, Butcher & The Rye, or Wigle Whiskey. Now he’s here to pass along some pro tips.