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Back to School with Very Local: Pittsburgh History

Brush up on your local lore, impress your friends, win at trivia

by Very Local PGH | September 11, 2020

Welcome to Day 4 of back-to-school week at Very Local PGH. If you haven’t been following along, all week we have themed content that is organized around some subjects you might recall from high school. For those of you who were late to class and want to catch up, we’ve covered Home Ec, Phys Ed, and Art.

Today, we bring you one of our favorite topics: Pittsburgh History. Whether you prefer to get your history from dusty books in the library or from 280-characters-or-less social media captions, these folks have something for you. Curious about how Rick Sebak became the darling of Pittsburgh? We’ve got that covered. Want to learn some lesser-known Pittsburgh history from the folks at the Heinz History Center? That’s here, too.

The Historical Dilettante’s untold tales of Pittsburgh
Sue Morris brings local history online

How Rick Sebak became Rick Sebak
Working from home, chronicling his front porch adventures, Rick Sebak has been keeping busy during the pandemic

Obscure Pittsburgh history
Six fun facts about the Steel City that you may not know

Vintage PGH throws it back with archival Instagram account
We chatted with the Pitt grad behind @vintagepgh to celebrate the ultimate Pittsburgh throwback Instagram account

Guest Lectures

We have had a lot of podcast guests so far this year whose specialty is sharing local history. Just press play to be transported to the Pittsburgh of the past.

Don’t wanna crack open a book? Just press play on these Pittsburgh history podcasts
If you fell asleep in history class lectures, we promise these interviews are a bit more exciting

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