Beer accessories for summer

We rounded up some practical beer gear including backpacks, growler koozies and bottle openers for summertime drinking.

by Aadam Soorma | July 28, 2020

ABV is our weekly series that highlights a different beer from a local Pittsburgh brewery every week. Check out our past picks here.

While we’re avoiding crowds and responsibly drinking at home, there is one thing we can’t avoid: the inevitable, blistering summer heat.

Whether you’re a self-proclaimed craft beer snob or a beer weekend warrior, here are ten accessories to consider adding to your routine.

And because we miss the way our favorite breweries pair up the right glassware with each beer style, we’ve picked out a couple of drinkware recommendations for folks looking to recreate the taproom vibes.

We round out the list with a few other helpful beer accessories to elevate your at-home beverage experience.


For Keeping Things Cool

Burton’s Beeracuda

Sling those cans over your shoulder with this adjustable cooler

The summer of social distancing means we’ve been carrying cans to the park, to the river and to our friends’ porches. If you travel by bicycle or scooter, a regular cooler just isn’t going to cut it. The Beeracuda is a perfect solution. The bag holds 5 cans and there is a convenient koozie attachment as well.

SHOP: From $24.95 on Zappos (a few of the colors were marked down to $21.21 when we made this list)

We also liked the Beeracuda Sling Cooler Bag, a 4-can cooler you can wear as a waist pack.

Need to scoop up some cans? We recently tried Voodoo’s Tranquil Breezes, which is available both at the brewery in Homestead AND through most Giant Eagle Market District locations as well.

Hitchhiker Cooler Backpack

Fully Insulated and Portable

This stylish, rugged backpack from Hitchhiker is fully insulated and even features a handy top-grip handle. It’s a perfect gift for someone who’s hitting multiple can releases and trading beers on the regular. The smaller, front-zip pocket is great too for koozies, phone chargers, wallets, etc.

SHOP: $60 from the Hitchhiker Brewing website

Chiller Sticks

Stainless Steel Cooling Sticks

Save a little cash at the beer distributor and pick up your beers at room temp. When you’re ready to drink, just drop in one of these cooling sticks and your beer will chill as you sip. Pretty nifty.

SHOP: $12.99 from Walmart

Growler Koozie

Your growler needs a koozie too

One of the most surprising pieces of beer gear I never knew I needed was a growler koozie. This particular one comes from North Country Brewing (they refer to it as a growler jacket). Besides keeping your filled growler nice and cool, it also acts as a lovely piece of body armor – allowing your growler to roll around safely on smooth surfaces.

SHOP: $16.00 from North Country Brewing

Right Glass for the Right Beer

Full Glassware Set

6-Piece Beer Glass Set to properly pair each style

This 6-piece varietal set includes the style-specific glassware needed to properly enjoy different types of beer. If you’ve ever wondered why different beers are served in different glasses at your favorite brewery, here’s a nice gateway to enhancing those aromas and flavors right from home.

SHOP: From $31.43 @ Home Depot

Belgian Tulip Glass

Belgian-style Beer Gets a Belgian-style Glass from Cobblehaus

Here’s an easy-to-grip, 13-oz Belgian-style tulip glass from Cobblehaus in Coraopolis. With a sturdy base and an inscripted slogan, this is a perfect addition to the home bar collection.

SHOP: $7.00 from Cobblehaus

Helpful Home Goods for Beer Lovers

Silicone Bottle Caps

Reusable, Brightly Colored and Practical

Keep the bugs out and the fizz in with these colorful silicone caps. They can be washed and reused in a multitude of ways, including as toppers for already-opened beer, wine and soda.

SHOP: $3.35 for 4 from Etsy

Magnetic Bottle Opener

Catch those Caps Before they Fall

There’s a good chance you’ve already seen or used a wall-mounted bottle opener. This one features a magnetic wooden board that catches each cap as it’s removed. A smart move so the pup or the little ones don’t try to scurry away and start gnawing on your bottle caps.

SHOP: $29.00 from Etsy

Shower Beer Holder

Hot Shower, Cold Beer

We loved reading this romantic ode to the shower beer from our friends at Hop Culture magazine. If you’re gonna crack a cold one while showering, then you definitely want to keep that beer snug, elevated and easy to reach. The Sudski shower beer holder makes for a great gift as well.

SHOP: $14.99 from World Market

Grist House Bandana

A Stylish, Intricate Design

While we’re masking up and maintaining our social distance from one another, Grist House is offering a silky soft bandana; makes for a sweet-looking face covering OR a nice piece of flair for the pupper.

SHOP: $7.00 from Grist House

Aadam Soorma

Aadam Soorma

In 2012, Aadam moved to Pittsburgh. He's currently parked (sans chair) in Lawrenceville and plans to stay a while. On the weekends, you'll find him driving a small green bus (Porter Tours) as he leads tours at local breweries.

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